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Foreign businesses, including those completely owned by non-UAE residents, are permitted to open a Representative Office in the United Arab Emirates under UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies. Opening a branch or representative office is a fantastic choice that may speed up the global expansion of your company. With a skilled and informed workforce, HLB HAMT is aware of the setup procedure and has helped several clients to setup businesses in the UAE.

UAE Commercial Company Law (13) of 1988 permits international businesses to establish a branch or representative office to conduct their primary operations in the UAE. A branch of a foreign company is empowered to do business and provide customer services in Dubai and is allowed to execute the activities of its parent firm. Representative offices are only permitted to engage in promotional activities that support the parent company’s commercial operations.

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    What is a Representative Office in Dubai?

    A representative office either serves as a regional administrative hub or offers local market assistance for the parent company’s services. You may get a wide range of services from representative or branch offices in Dubai, including company growth, regional liaison, and passport and visa services. A representative office that focuses on your area of interest can also be found.

    Why establish a Representative Office in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates?

    Considering your particular needs, one of the main benefits of choosing to open a representative office in Dubai is that it is highly affordable. A capital investment is typically not necessary to establish a representative office. Due to the fact that the majority of the resources stay with the parent firm, business activities are often simpler and operating expenses are cheaper.

    Although a free zone is seen as a continuation of the parent firm, you can retain 100% control of the business. For already established enterprises, a representative office serves as a potent advertising and marketing strategy. This guarantees a solid foundation for your organisation as it grows in the developing UAE market.

    What is a Branch Office in Dubai?

    A branch office is a place where a business is run that is separate from the main office. The majority of the smaller divisions of the company’s numerous departments are found in the branch offices.

    Why Open a Branch of a Foreign Company in Dubai?

    One of the most significant business structures that a foreign firm might set up to engage in particular sectors in Dubai is through a branch office. They are a more practical choice since they work for businesses and participate in commercial operations. The parent company’s branch office is an extension of it. The branch offices provide the same benefits under tax laws in Dubai, including the ability to repatriate profits.

    The Rewards of Opening a Branch or Representative Office in Dubai

    Let’s quickly review the advantages that can be obtained by establishing a branch or a representative firm in the United Arab Emirates:

    • Foreign investors have the possibility of 100% ownership
    • The ability to have a bank account
    • Business confidentiality is rigorously maintained
    • Explore the MENA area from a safe base
    • 0% in personal taxes
    • Geographically significant location

    Hence, we can state that opening a branch or representative office serves as a foundation of assistance and an addition of the parent firm, eventually assisting them in capturing the large audience in various parts of the world.

    Why Pick an Expert in Company Formation to open a Representative Office?

    A combination of Business Consultants with years of expertise in business formation makes up HLB HAMT. In order to help you obtain your business license for your representative office in the most efficient manner possible, we can guarantee that all is in the right place at each and every phase of the process.

    We promise to give you all the knowledge necessary to successfully manage your representative office in the United Arab Emirates. When creating a Representative Office or Branch Office in Dubai, we collaborate with our team of lawyers and auditors to ensure that the service is nothing less than up to par with global standards.



    Frequently Asked Questions – Branch/Representative Office in Dubai

    1. What regulations govern the establishment of branch or representative offices?

      The establishment and management of branches and representative offices of international businesses in the UAE are governed by the Commercial Companies Law.

    2. What will it cost to put up a branch in Dubai?

      The cost of opening a branch office in Dubai will vary depending on your preferred location and line of business. The legal structure of the company, among other things, will affect the real cost.

    3. Why establish a branch in Dubai?

      One of the most significant structures that a foreign firm looking to participate in particular industries in Dubai might set up is a branch office.

    4. Can a foreign branch office be incorporated in Dubai?

      Under the Commercial Company Law of the UAE, incorporating a branch or representative office (RO), which permits 100 percent ownership by the parent company, is a popular strategy.

    5. How long does it typically take to start a branch office in Dubai?

      The typical turnaround time is two to four weeks. The process will go quickly if you have an experienced business setup consultant like HLB HAMT by your side.

    6. What advantages can commercial establishments in Dubai offer?

      The UAE is a nation of hope. Expat investors have been taken into consideration while developing federal legislation and regulations. For your company, opening a branch or representative office in Dubai may be a good decision.

    7. Is there any minimum share capital requirement for opening a branch office in Dubai?

      There is no minimal share capital needed to establish a branch office in mainland Dubai.

    8. How can I open a branch office in Dubai with the assistance of HLB HAMT?

      For the purpose of establishing a branch or representative office in Dubai, HLB HAMT will offer you complete assistance. You can talk to us about your needs. And we’ll provide you with the one that will suit you the most.

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