Employer of Record Services in UAE

A Employer of Record (EoR) is a third party that becomes the legal employer of your workforce and carries out all employer-related responsibilities and duties on behalf of your business. An EoR assumes a company’s human resources responsibilities and integrates, pays and manages your supported employees while maintaining and controlling daily activities.

With the help of an Employer of Record service provider in UAE, companies from around the world can explore business opportunities in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE. EoRs acts as a host country interface between the employees and government entities.

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    Benefits of opting for Employer of records in the UAE

    • 100% compliance with local laws and assistance in regulation-related challenges
    • Streamlines the hiring procedure overseas
    • Guarantees that all payroll and employment obligations are proper
    • Achieve rapid market access to develop internationally
    • Ensure that your employees adhere to applicable local regulations.

    What we offer?

    Employ people in compliance with local labour laws
    Certified employees working on projects
    Payroll and benefits management for employees, including health insurance
    Employment visa, labour card, EID, and insurance
    Support from the Ministry of Labour and Immigration (PRO services)
    Payroll administration and processing


    When to Use an Employer of Record

    Explore New Markets

    With an EoR, you can quickly hire a team into new global markets, generate new sources of revenue and reach new customers without the commitment of entity establishment.

    Running short of office space/visas

    Expand rapidly without having to worry about office space and visas for new employees.

    Attract and Retain Top Talent

    Competition for top talent is tougher than ever, and more companies are turning to remote options for their workers. Moreover, hiring without a geographical limit opens up the talent pool and allows you to develop your workforce with the exact skills you are looking for. An EoR helps businesses hire from any location and attract the best talent.

    Hire Employees During Entity Set Up

    While entity establishment requires an extensive amount of time, money, and expertise in the country’s local laws. An EoR can serve as an intermediate solution, providing hiring support and an overview of entity set-up as you finalize requirements.

    Avoid contractor classification errors

    An alternative to hiring international staff or setting up an entity in a foreign country is to hire contractors. Many businesses use contractors as a cheaper option for hiring foreign talent remotely. However, once a business expands, there is a strong risk that it will misclassify contractors as employees. An EoR is an effective way to hire contractors as employees to avoid compliance risks.


    An EoR can help you with Emiratization in the UAE by helping middle and large entities hire local talent easily.

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