25 Years of Excellence!

25 Years of Triumph: A Celebration of Excellence, Innovation, and Impact

In the heart of our silver jubilee, HLB HAMT Chartered Accountants proudly commemorates 25 years of unwavering excellence. From our humble beginnings in 1999 as HAMT & Associates, with 13 partners and 8 service divisions, to becoming a global force in 2007 by joining HLB International, we have continually evolved and thrived.

Today, with a team of 14 partners, over 230 staff, 3000+ clients, and 9 offices, we stand tall, ranking #7 in the UAE and #10 globally, according to the IASB. Our journey has been marked by pioneering cutting-edge information technology, an unwavering commitment to exceptional HR policies, championing positive change for a better society and environment, and nurturing local talent with seven Emirati Nationals at the heart of our team.

Embracing Digital Transformation

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, HLB HAMT is committed to embracing digital transformation. We are pioneers not only in our service verticals but also in leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance client experiences. As we step into the next quarter century, our focus on technological innovation remains unwavering, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest advancements in the industry.

Vision for the Next 25 Years!

As we raise a toast to 25 years of remarkable achievements, our gaze is fixed on the horizon of the next quarter century. The forthcoming years stand as a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success. Guided by the unwavering principles of our vision, mission, and values, we pledge to propel growth, metamorphose challenges into opportunities, and persist as a reliable and progressive advisory network.

In the heart of this commitment lies a dedicated focus on empowering the next generation of leaders for the next 25 years and beyond. Through robust mentorship programmes, forward-looking talent development initiatives, and a commitment to continuous learning, we are forging a workforce that not only excels in traditional practices but is also adept at navigating the intricacies of a dynamic business landscape. Our investment in the future transcends immediate success, laying a robust foundation for sustained excellence. With gratitude for the past and an unwavering vision for the future, together, let’s shape the next 25 years and beyond!

Celebration of 25 Year Journey! 

In commemorating 25 years of excellence, our celebration on 27th January 2024 was brimming with pride and gratitude. The evening unfurled with excitement, laughter, insightful speeches, and engaging conversations. The thrill of announcing the launch of our various initiatives marked the inception of a new chapter for HLB HAMT. Beyond a mere celebration, this anniversary signifies a revitalized commitment to excellence, innovation, and positive impact. We extend our gratitude for the journey and the remarkable partnerships that have sculpted our success.

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