Employee Self Service(ESS) Portal

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) is a web-based module giving clients and employees the flexibility to access their employee or employment-related information through the system from wherever they are located. Employee self-service feature aids employees to perform numerous job-related functions independently and take control of their personal and financial matters. With the help of ESS, employees can apply for leave, review timesheet, inquire about available loan programs, request for overtime payment, view compensation history and submit reimbursement slips. They can view and print their payroll information along with accessing their payroll history. Employees can access the system 24/7, even when they are not at work. Messages shared by HR or company management or from some other departments within the company can be viewed with the help of ESS portal.

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    A state-of-the-art web based interactive ESS portal by HLB

    The Employee Self Service by HLB HAMT is a state-of-the-art web-based interactive portal providing users with a convenient, secure, and user-friendly platform to perform HR tasks quickly without complicated forms or additional assistance. The flexibility to access information and place requests improves efficiency in the HR process.

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