Business Restructuring Services in UAE

Notwithstanding the reasons that lie at the cause of challenges you are facing, the following symptoms indicate that a situation exists where our knowledge may be of useful to you:

  • There is a downturn in your market or shifting consumer preferences
  • There is excessive debt or poor liquidity
  • Company is trading at distressed levels
  • Corporate structure is no longer aligned with your business objectives
  • Units or subsidiaries are operating inconsistently with group strategy. There is a need to divest/sell-off some non-core operations
  • As business or financial stakeholder, you have concerns about the business and wish to appoint independent reporting accountants
  • As stakeholder in a distressed business, you need to manage your exposure
  • Capital structure needs to change
  • You need to enter into discussions with lenders

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    A Full Range of Business Restructuring Services by HLB

    HLB International is one of the leading bodies for business or organizational restructuring, business recovery, and insolvency services. Active in most of the countries, our global network of skilled professionals can rapidly deploy cross-border services to stakeholders in troubled and seriously under-performing businesses.

    As an independent member firm of HLB International, we are offering a full range of following business restructuring services in the Middle East :

    •  Independent business review: which usually covers an analysis of where are we, why are we not where we thought we’d be, where are we planning to go in the future, how realistic is our plan and what challenges are to be faced
    • Options review: what are the different options exists; what are the pros and cons of each, and what would we recommend as the way forward
    • Financial advice and arranging assistance: designing, negotiation, and implementation as per the situation
    • Contingency planning: what is plan B if the consensual restructuring cannot be achieved? – we can design a plan for a variety of scenarios
    • Corporate simplification: how to make the group structure simpler; reduce operating costs and, restructuring capital, etc.
    • Optimized exits: assisting in the design and execution of a controlled exit plan to preserve and maximize the value
    • Business and operational restructuring: we can devise, or review, such plans, or report on new progress and implementation


    Our professionals are greeted by clients for their ability to quickly identify problems, gain cooperation, develop viable solutions and implement them with sensitivity and precision. Our experienced teams always offer a full range of advisory and implementation services, from turnaround and corporate restructuring plans to optimized exit strategies.


    Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. In what situations should I consider restructuring my business?

      Businesses may need to be restructured under several circumstances. These could be if there are major changes in market conditions – either major downturns or significant opportunities, if the business has liquidity challenges, if the existing corporate structure is dated, if there are changes needed in capital structure or shareholding etc.

    2. How do I benefit by restructuring my company?

      Restructuring your company at the right time will help you be better prepared for challenges that the business could face in future. Often , organizations delay this exercise until it is too late thereby causing considerable financial and operational damage.

    3. What industries does HLB HAMT cover for restructuring?

      In general, Restructuring tends to be sector agnostic. However, a sound understanding of the business and operations is always an important aspect of this exercise. Our team has expertise in several industries ranging from, Retail, FMCG, Trading, Construction, Real Estate, Leasing, Professional Services, Marine, Hospitality as well as several manufacturing sectors. In addition, we have access to the HLB International specialists who also have their own areas of expertise and can work on such requirements.

    4. Does HLB HAMT provide services beyond restructuring?

      HLB HAMT has teams that are specialized in different services, many of which are required in a post-restructuring scenario. For instance, a company may need to redefine roles of departments and personnel after restructuring is completed. There may be a need to establish legal entities as a result of the restructuring, there could be a need to set budgets, controls and KPIs and so on. Our consultants from different teams can coordinate with each other and provide a seamless solution to clients.

    5. Do you offer financial consultancy or support related to restructuring?

      Our Transaction Advisory team works closely with financial institutions and investors, who may be interested in working with companies in their restructuring phase. Hence, we can support our clients by helping them to access suitable lenders or investors regarding financial support at the restructuring phase.

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