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HLB HAMT’s unique approach has been proven via ERP strategy, selection, implementation, organizational change management and business process reengineering projects for nearly 300 clients across the globe. Our standardized methodologies are consistently used by all of HLB HAMT resources and have become the industry standard that competing firms strive to attain. In addition, we have the flexibility to work with our clients on longer-term engagements and to adapt to increased and modified project scopes throughout the engagement.

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    ERP Solution Providers in UAE

    Only by working with innovative and independent consultants can your organization achieve a high return on investment or return on citizenship. Our approach helps you identify the total cost of ownership and forces competing software vendors to address your specific requirements. By engaging us there are no surprises.

    Our Expertise Industries

    • Finance
    • Procurement / Supply Chain
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Sales / Distribution
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing
    • Asset Management
    • Project Management

    Why Us?

    Our independently certified consultants with more than 10+ years of expertise and experience can help you select the best ERP solution for your business. We work with all major ERP and ERP associated solutions and also are the strategic partner for many in UAE and Bahrain.

    What makes us unique is definitely our understanding of the various business domains and industries. In these past two decades or so, we have catered ERP solutions to various verticals, enabling process and performance improvement for most organizations. We value your time and money and our major focus is on the return on your valuable investment of both. Our success in this area speaks volumes of our dedication, teamwork, strategies and above all maintaining a healthy relationship with all our clients. The solutions we offer are efficient, creative and flexible according to your needs and future goals. Above all, our ERP selection process is unbiased and completely dependent on your requirement and how they will fit into your business.

    Featured ERP Solutions in UAE

    What are Our Focus Areas?

    ERP Software Selection

    We help you find the software that best fits your organization’s budget, timeframe, industry and operational needs.

    ERP Vendor and Contract Negotiations

    Our team, augmented by legal experts that specialize in ERP contracts and litigation helps negotiate optimal short- and long-term costs.

    ERP Implementation

    Our consultants can help your organization minimize disruption and delays associated with the deployment of enterprise software.

    ERP Implementation Planning

    Our ERP implementation planning service not only helps ensure that the system is implemented correctly but that the technology helps the business transform into the very best version of itself.

    ERP Project Management Oversight

    We institutionalize best practices within your organization to ensure that your project plan, strategy, tactics and end results align with your organization’s long-term goals.

    ERP Project Recovery

    We provide hands-on project management to help your organization regain lost momentum and reduce downtime by a considerable time.

    Automated ERP Solutions

    Our in-built RPA + OCR solutions can ensure that most of your manual work regarding ERP solutions is automated thereby ensuring fast, accurate and efficient workflow output

    Our team has got the experience and expertise to guide you to the perfect ERP for your business. We can help you meet all your HR, management, analytics, financial, accounting or centralized reporting needs and also help improve your overall efficiency by streamlining your processes.

    If you are looking for an ERP Consultant in the UAE, get in touch with our experts today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why do you need an ERP consultant in UAE?

      You know your business inside out, and it’s you who also knows your employees inside out, but still to manage all under one roof is a tedious task. ERP consultants understand business management systems inside and more importantly, they can help you in identifying the gaps in your system. Sometimes, you may need an ERP consultant just for selecting the right ERP for your business. In order to have a successful implementation & integration of ERP systems, the rapport between you and the ERP consultant is extremely important.

    2. What does an ERP consultant do?

      ERP consultants are responsible for the initial study, designing, implementation and maintenance of Enterprise Resource Planning systems for businesses. Basically, they would support you to establish a centralized system to manage the entire process flow. ERP consultants help you define the system requirements, propose the perfectly designed solution to suit your business, help in software configuration and finally train your employees and make them expert users of the software.

    3. What should be our criteria of selecting an ERP Partner in UAE?

      • They should be certified consultants with at least 10+ years technical experience
      • Should have knowledge in your domain and previous implementation history in your industry
      • Should be able to provide a dedicated on-site resource
      • Should have relevant tools and methodologies for communication & project management
      • At least a one touchpoint leader should be there for communication
      • Complete know-how of the technical and functional aspects of the ERP tool
      • Should follow agile structure
    4. What are the biggest benefits of implementing an ERP solution in UAE?

      • Reduced operational costs and increased revenue
      • Centralized dashboard for managing processes efficiently
      • Gain visibility into your end-to-end processes
      • Analytical reporting structure for better decision making
      • Automation of manual processes
    5. Should I go for On-Premise or Cloud ERP?

      While On-Premise solutions can be customized, the issue with is that whenever your ERP solution gets an upgrade, it is an extremely tedious process to re-implement and re-configure the future versions and patches. But most prefer On-Premise solutions because of the fact that the data will be inside their system. Cloud ERP often delivers much-enhanced performance when compared to on-premise ones, it is primarily because the entire architecture is designed to max up the network performance. With Cloud implementation, you can always get an OTA upgrade so there is no headache of reimplementation. Moreover, cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS etc provide a lot of services which can enhance the performance of your application.

    6. How easier a process it is to select an ERP software for my business?

      Without a consultant, I must say, it is a tedious job, sometimes it may take years, if you approach a certified ERP consultant like HLB HAMT, it can be finalized in ideally 2-5 months’ time frame. Again, this is completely dependent on the size of your business and how long does the consultant take in getting inputs from all your concerned authorities and departments.

    7. How long does an ERP software implementation take?

      Again, it is completely depending on the scope and the resources, based on our experts, it can take anywhere from between 6-12 months for a SME, and more than a year for large enterprise.

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