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Contract staffing refers to long-term staff outsourcing for a period of 1 year and above, wherein the clients hire skilled professionals based on their project needs. One advantage of contract staffing is that employers need not have to deal with the processes needed for a permanent employee. HLB HAMT will recruit and hire skilled professionals on a contract basis in order to meet the clients’ requirements.

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    Contract Staffing benefits

    • Availability of specialist expertise and skills
    • Handles a proportion of the HR Department’s duties
    • Larger talent pool accessible
    • Better adaptability and economical
    • Minimizes risk and liability for the company
    • Addresses urgent business demands
    • Simple and quick hiring procedure

    What does HLB HAMT have to offer?

    One of the most effective strategies to locate talented individuals is to outsource to staffing companies in the UAE. In accordance with the job description and qualifications, HLB HAMT will perform all of the tasks for the company and shortlist candidates.

    Find employees for short and long-term contracts
    Provides employment visa, labour card, insurance, and an EID
    Selection and validation of talented candidates
    Payroll administration and preparation
    Full compliance with local labour laws
    Assistance from the Ministry of Labour and Immigration
    Management of employee benefits, such as health insurance and workers’ compensation and many more


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    1. What is contract staffing?

      Contract staffing is long-term staff outsourcing for a duration of at least a year, when clients engage qualified personnel in accordance with their project requirements.

    2. How much effort will be required to begin? What will the onboarding and transfer process entail?

      The first stage in commencing HR outsourcing is to have a thorough discussion with the HR provider to decide the kind of assistance that’s best for the client and to comprehend the data necessary to create a fully funded, complete proposal with all expenses and charges properly specified. In order to make this choice, you must develop both financial and non-financial business models in a timeline that fits for you.

    3. What kind of services do staffing companies provide?

      Recruitment and permanent placement, human resources consulting, temporary and contract staffing, and other employment-related operations are all provided by staffing companies.

    4. What benefits arise from employing a staffing agency?

      Employing staffing agencies helps businesses save time and money. Businesses may concentrate on expanding their businesses rather than recruiting and choosing personnel by outsourcing their staffing needs. Utilizing a hiring agency reduces risk since they pre-screen applicants and guarantee quality hires.


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