Business setup in Dubai

In today’s competitive business environment, a rising number of organizations are choosing to establish themselves in the Emirate of Dubai owing to its strategic location, business-friendly government policies, and open economy. HLB HAMT, being an established business consultant in Dubai offers precise and thorough assistance for business setup in Dubai.

Also, HLB HAMT is a renowned business setup advisory firm in Dubai, UAE that has been helping enterprises across diverse sectors to form their company, irrespective of the size of the organization. We have the expertise and experience to advise our clients on the optimum corporate structure for setting up business in Dubai.

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    Business Formation in Dubai

    With the assistance of Dubai Business setup consultants HLB HAMT, business formation in Dubai is quick and easy. HLB HAMT has the expertise and knowledge to assist clients in structuring their business across the UAE as per their requirements. Dubai business setup destination mainly comprises of:


    In order to launch your own business, the mainland is a widely popular location. It is the perfect place to start a company or business because of its amenities and prospects. The exciting feature of this feature is that it eliminates the necessity of incurring any personal taxes thanks to the advice and consulting provided by the experts.
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    Business Setup in Dubai
    Free Zone:

    The best option for those who want to build a company is Dubai free zone jurisdiction. Free Zone registration often provides a wide array of services. The finest nation in the Middle East is undoubtedly the UAE, where the majority of people do business and company formation in free zone is common.
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    Business Setup in Dubai

    Creating an offshore company in Dubai and adhering to the foreign jurisdiction is critical for protecting any assets from legal action. By adopting the Offshore Jurisdiction for business creation, you may be able to reap benefits from expanding foreign investments and tax savings.
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    Business Setup procedure in UAE

    There are some procedures to consider in the process of business formation in Dubai:

    Business Setup in Dubai

    Type of Business

    Your choice of business will decide the sort of license you’ll need, which will establish the foundation of your operations.


    Approval from Authorities

    An initial approval indicates that the government has no objections to the company’s operation in the country. It also permits the investor to move on to the further phases of the business setup process.

    Business Setup in Dubai



    To function, all companies must have a physical address. The company site and premises must meet the standards set by the relevant authorities.

    Business Setup in Dubai


    Ejari Process

    It’s a procedure that includes facts about the property, the name of the rental business, or information about the landlord, such as a copy of his or her passport, as well as the terms and conditions of the agreement.

    Business Setup in Dubai



    Attestation is a procedure that involves document verification by a competent authority. Only some administrative and government entities in the UAE have the authority to authenticate documents.

    Business Setup in Dubai


    Issue of License

    After completing the above processes, investors can get a business license through the economic departments’ service centres or through their websites.

    The approximate cost for  Mainland company formation in Dubai starts at AED 15000/- per annum. If all goes well, we’ll be able to create a company in 2-5 working days, and the Dubai authorities’ quick and proactive attitude makes the city more appealing to the business community.

    Differences between the Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore

    Choosing the appropriate sort of company entity is one of the most important factors to take into account when launching your own business in Dubai. Typically, you have three options: a mainland entity, a free zone, or an offshore entity. The best option will depend on your company’s operations, anticipated trade partners, corporate structure, and other variables.

    Mainland Free Zone Offshore

    Business Focus

    Both domestically and internationally are open for business. You can do business inside the free zone and internationally

    Unrestricted access to conduct business overseas. They are not permitted to have a physical setup to do business in the UAE


    100% foreign ownership (Not applicable for all activities) 100% foreign ownership

    100% foreign ownership

    Office Requirements

    Physical office or flexi spaces for approved activities Physical office or flexi spaces for approved activities

    Not allowed to be present physically in the UAE


    Financial audits are required to maintain the company premise Financial audit preparation depends on the free zone jurisdiction

    They are not required to perform an audit

    Visa Options

    The number of visas given are based on the size of the workplace The free zone jurisdiction affects the UAE visa packages accordingly No option for a resident visa as there is no requirement for an office location

    Capital Prerequisite

    The legal framework determines the required minimum capital Based on the emirate to which it belongs

    No minimum capital prerequisite is needed

    Details Known

    The general public can inquire about a mainland company’s details. The general public can inquire about a free zone company’s details The offshore company’s details are kept private


    Different Types of Business Structures in Dubai

    Before you leap into forming a business in Dubai, you must first choose which type of business structure best matches your interests and objectives. Business setup in the mainland of Dubai comprises of;

    • Limited Liability Company (LLC) with multiple shareholders.
    • Single owner limited liability company which is fully owned by local Emiratis
    • Single owner limited liability company fully owned by expatriate shareholders
    • General partnership firm with various business activities
    • Professional firms with people belonging to the fields of lawyers, doctors, accountants, and engineers
    • Foreign subsidiary companies fully owned by foreign entity
    • Branches of foreign entities
    • Branches of local companies incorporated in all emirates
    • Representative Offices

    Why should you think about setting up a business in Dubai, particularly after Covid 19 outbreak?

    One of the most significant economic and travel hubs in the world is Dubai. It is a significant hub for international passenger and freight travel and is renowned as an investor’s haven all over the world. Dubai is accelerating infrastructure and urban landscape development despite the covid19 pandemic.

    The corporate world in the Emirate of Dubai is managing a wide range of interconnected problems, such as ensuring the safety of its clients and employees, building up capital and liquidity, and realigning operations. The current organizations needs to become more flexible and resistant to handle disruptions and keep up pace in a turbulent and volatile business climate.

    The objectives of the Government are to maintain Dubai as a secure destination for businesspeople and investors, where their investments may prosper. Let’s examine some of Dubai’s investment highlights:

    • Due to various infrastructure upgrades, tourist destinations, and retail establishments, Dubai is seeing significant capital appreciation
    • One of the world’s happiest and safest cities, Dubai has an expatriate population of 85% and a local population of 15%
    • Skilled talents from throughout the world have traditionally been drawn to Dubai by its 100% tax-free income
    • One of the most crucial elements is how simple and quick it is to register a company in Dubai
    • Real estate investing is made simple by Dubai’s well-regulated market and strong legal framework
    • One of the major trading centres in the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council is Dubai

    HLB HAMT’s Business Setup Guidance & Advisory

    The consulting services offered by HLB HAMT help clients by ensuring legal compliance and making the necessary suggestions about financial matters, legal structures, reporting processes, and accounting activities. We develop and offer unique, imaginative, comprehensive solutions that assist organisations in achieving their objectives. We provide a broad range of services, including:

    • Recognize the activity
    • Become familiar with the business model.
    • Advise on the budget requirements
    • Advisory report of suitable options with benefits
    • Assistance on annual compliance requirements
    • Advise on officers’ requirement

    Why HLB HAMT is considered the right partner for business setup in Dubai?

    You can get assistance from HLB HAMT while considering a business setup in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Given our in-depth knowledge of the nation and our many years of industry experience, we promise to provide you with accurate and prompt services. The following business establishment services are offered by us:

    • Choosing a name and approving an activity
    • Notarization of documents in Dubai
    • Preparation of memorandum and articles of association
    • Assistance in identifying office spaces
    • Ejari procedures
    • Coordinating with all authorities up to finalizing the licensing procedures
    • Assisting in identifying a suitable banker for the client

    Type of Company Setup in Dubai

    Frequently Asked Questions: Business Formation in Dubai

    1. How can I create my own company in Dubai?

      Dubai has become a significant international investment center in recent years. Any businessman would definitely want to launch a business in Dubai. You should be well-versed with UAE industry trends and the startup costs associated with launching a business there. Therefore, it is preferable to have professional business consultants in Dubai to help you launch your own company.

    2. What is the expense of starting a business?

      Raising funds, paying for licenses, and obtaining staff visas are all necessary steps in starting a firm. The price to start a business varies depending on the type of operation, the type of license necessary, whether it is financial, commercial, or service-oriented, etc.

    3. How do you create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai?

      Before establishing a limited liability company in Dubai Mainland or anywhere else in the UAE, you must acquire a trade name and obtain preliminary approval. The Department of Economic Development (DED) must also receive a memorandum of association, the lease contract, and any other necessary paperwork.

    4. What language requirements must accompany the submission of papers and applications?

      The main languages recognized for applications and papers in the UAE are Arabic and English.

    5. What benefits can companies establish their shop in Dubai?

      The United Arab Emirates is a well-liked destination for investors worldwide. In the areas of freight and re-export, the UAE is without a doubt the top player. The UAE economy has seen rapid expansion, drawing investors from all over the world, and is now regarded as a major financial center.

    6. What are the main factors assisting companies in recovering from the effects of Covid 19 in Dubai?

      Dubai-based businesses benefit from excellent features. Important factors include the increased usage of social networks, messaging applications, online markets, and cross-border accessibility in addition to the growing acceptance of digital payments. The environment in the emirate is continually changing, making it possible for businesses to respond to problems throughout the pandemic.

    7. What is the minimal amount of money needed to start a firm or business in Dubai?

      The amount of money needed to start a business in Dubai has no limit. Depending on your company’s operations, the partners with whom you invest, where your company is located, etc.

    8. What type of legal foundation is there in Dubai to start a business?

      For international investors who set up their firms in Dubai, there are wholly separate rules in place. It is quite simple to setup a business, obtain license, and complete other legal needs because there is very little documentation and the processes are moved quickly.

    9. What sort of physical infrastructures are offered to international investors?

      Dubai most likely has the greatest commercial necessary infrastructure in the area. Ample storage, workspaces, and other services are offered by administrations.

    10. How long does it take in Dubai to establish a business?

      Depending on the sort of firm and its organizational structure, launching a business in Dubai might take as little as a few days. Business setup in Dubai is easy and straightforward with the aid of knowledgeable business experts like HLB HAMT.

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