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Dubai attracts a lot of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and well-known brands in the industry due to the ease of conducting business. In the UAE, conducting business is simple and comes with several benefits. Forming a business in Dubai involves a variety of deeper and larger factors. Employing HLB HAMT, a renowned business consultant in Dubai, can help you in the process of setting up a business.

Our wealth of experience in the field of business setup consultancy services helps us to make the process smooth and uncomplicated. We provide you with a detailed picture of how to incorporate and operate a company in the UAE, along with step-by-step guidance. It is our duty to ensure that our clients acquire all necessary permits in a timely manner.

We assist our clients in finding an excellent location, securing a trade license, tax residency (Domicile) certificate UAE and sorting out all legal procedures. Our business advisors will stand by your side from the initial stage until your company becomes operational.

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    UAE's influence on Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

    Over the last few decades, the UAE has consistently established itself as a major international investment and tourist destination, making it unquestionably every entrepreneur’s goal to establish a company here. Given the abundance of options it provides to international investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs, it is one of the greatest destinations in the world to grow your business. You should be well-versed in the UAE market and aware of the startup fees associated with starting a business there before forming a company.

    If you are not well-informed about the legal requirements, forming a business in the United Arab Emirates might become a hardship. Several government offices must approve it, and a simple mistake will necessitate resubmitting the form and incurring costs.

    Three different forms of business formation are available in the UAE, mostly in Free zones, on the UAE’s Mainland, and Offshore. For each of these enterprises, there are separate regulations and processes for forming a company.

    The Three Major Business Jurisdictions in Dubai


    Free zones are areas designated for business where all taxes are completely waived. There are more than 50 free zones in the UAE, providing you with the freedom to pick the one that best suits your business.


    In order to lawfully reduce tax payments and improve an investor’s wealth management, a firm must be legally established in a UAE offshore business jurisdiction, which is one that functions outside the nation of origin.


    The mainland, also called the onshore company, is a prominent business jurisdiction in Dubai. By enabling trade with other mainland businesses, it provides access to a larger marketplace.


    The Benefits of Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

    The finest business consultants in Dubai are essential for new investors and business owners for a number of reasons. And the most important reason is that their services may provide them with critical answers for successfully establishing businesses.

    Let’s examine a few of the benefits listed below.

    Expert Opinion

    For things to go smoothly, starting a business needs a lot of information and expertise. Herein lies the function of Dubai business consultants. Since they have a clear understanding of the regional market and their rivals, they have a results-driven strategy that aids investors or entrepreneurs in successfully forming a business.

    In-depth Knowledge

    The UAE has many commercial jurisdictions with various laws and regulations. Investors must abide by all of these, which call for expert advice. Moreover, there can be consequences if these regulations aren’t followed appropriately. A business consultant offers helpful guidance and aids in understanding the legal framework for investors.

    Affordable & Saves Time

    The business consultant will complete the establishment procedure much more quickly since they already have the concepts, knowledge, and expertise necessary to set up a business in Dubai.  An investor or entrepreneur will spend a lot of money trying to find the best way to start a business. However, it will be less expensive and time-saving to hire a consultant to make the process smooth and uncomplicated.

    Market Analysis

    You may obtain assistance with the task of conducting market research, which is another benefit of consulting with an expert. When it pertains to gathering knowledge, getting access to a business consultant’s insight is a wise move. Furthermore, knowing the state of the marketplace is essential for developing company plans and objectives.


    How can Business Consultants assist entrepreneurs in expanding their enterprises?

    Business consultants have knowledge of several areas connected to company setup in Dubai.  They can advise you on how to start a company or business since they have a thorough grasp of all types of businesses.

    Business consultants come up with strategies and give entrepreneurs and business owners methods to get over obstacles or issues they might be having with their firm. While some business consultants in Dubai specialize in numerous sectors, others cater to a variety of business requirements.

    Seven factors for hiring a Business Consultant in Dubai

    Based on the type of your firm, employing a consultant will allow you to concentrate on your primary tasks. And if you seek guidance from a consultant, you may even develop and adopt brand-new, more efficient business processes. Additionally, you will be able to avoid a number of hassles and processes while starting your firm.

    1. Choosing the appropriate commercial activity
    2. Selecting the appropriate jurisdiction for a company
    3. Determining the business’s corporate structure
    4. Managing & handling Governmental Organizations
    5. Documentation procedures for company setup in Dubai
    6. Offer guidance or counsel on business operations.
    7. Affordable company formation in Dubai

    Why Assisting HLB HAMT for Business Consultancy Services in Dubai, UAE?

    You may receive the services by contacting HLB HAMT if you need assistance with starting your business. Our qualified team will assist you in acquiring the necessary expertise, enabling you to significantly enhance your business.

    Additionally, we provide a vast array of business services that can help you quickly launch your firm. For instance, by using our business formation services, you may hasten the process of setting up your firm for business. With more than 20 years of combined expertise, our experts can guarantee effective strategies and positive outcomes.

    For more than 20 years, HLB HAMT have provided business consulting services in Dubai actively serving and assisting our clients in the best way possible way.  The demands of our customers are our first concern, and we at HLB HAMT provide services to meet those demands.

    HLB HAMT professional Business consultants in Dubai and UAE are experts and experienced to advise on Company Setup in Dubai and all other Emirates. Contact Us!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Business Consultants in Dubai

    If you are unfamiliar with the procedure of company setup in Dubai, then the process may turn to be a stressful experience. You have numerous alternatives to explore, and only a professional business setup consultant in Dubai can help you understand what you need to know about each one. You might lose money and resources if you choose the wrong configuration. As a result, you’ll need an expert assistance with your business establishment in the UAE. Below are among the most frequently asked questions regarding setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates.

    1. Which are the different areas to establish business in Dubai?

      The three commercial jurisdictions in Dubai are Mainland, Free zone, and Offshore. An investor or entrepreneur can benefit from these strategic locations with top-notch infrastructure and network connections. Before you start a business in Dubai, you must first decide which sort of business structure best suits your goals and interests, and then choose the appropriate location with the assistance of business setup consultants in UAE.

    2. What does the UAE’s foreign ownership rule of 100 percent mean?

      The UAE government amended the federal commercial company’s legislation to allow foreign investors to fully own certain enterprises. This implies that foreign investors’ shares will no longer be limited to 49 percent, but will instead be allowed to reach 100 percent. It’s a profitable opportunity for any aspiring entrepreneur wanting to establish their own firm in the Middle East’s heartland.

    3. What are the advantages of setting up business in UAE’s mainland?

      Forming a mainland company might be a highly beneficial financial choice for both people and enterprises. Setting up a mainland business with the advice of professional business consultants in UAE has numerous advantages, including 100% foreign ownership (on certain operations), the ability to trade across the UAE, and the ability to establish international commercial links.

    4. What are free zones and their benefits?

      Free Zones are designated locations for multinational enterprises that need 100% foreign ownership. Businesses operating in free zones are exempt from all taxes and enjoy additional benefits such as 100 percent repatriation of capital and earnings, as well as tariff exemptions on imports and exports. Setting up a company in any of the UAE free zones is relatively easier since it requires minimum paperwork and duration.

    5. Which are the major free zones in the UAE?

      Free zones are a good choice among investors because of the many opportunities they provide. The following are the top free zones that provide financial gains to the enterprises.

    6. What is an offshore company in UAE?

      If you want to engage in international commerce, asset protection, tax planning, or acquire real estate holdings in designated regions of the UAE, forming an offshore company is one of the finest alternatives. Offshore companies are companies that are registered in Dubai but have their headquarters outside of the city boundaries.

    7. What is UAE Golden Visa? What are the benefits of the Golden Visa?

      The UAE government established the golden visa system as one of the most appealing types of long-term residency in the UAE, with the goal of attracting investors, entrepreneurs, 2 specialized skills, researchers, scientists, doctors, and outstanding students with potential scientific capabilities to the nation.

      The Golden Visa allows foreigners to reside, work, and study in the UAE without the requirement for a native sponsor and with full ownership of their businesses on the UAE’s mainland. These visas will be given for a period of 5 or 10 years depending on the categories. Investors from outside the UAE are allowed a six-month multiple-entry visa. Residents may sponsor their family (wife, children, and parents) and own investment ventures such as real estate, commerce, and industry, subject to the rules and requirements. Entrepreneurs can apply for the golden visa by nominating three workers or partners in the enterprise, and excellent students can sponsor their families if they have the financial means.

    8. What are the different types of business licenses in Dubai?

      In the United Arab Emirates, there are four different categories of business or trade licenses: A commercial license is granted to a business that engages in any type of market activity. A firm that engages in any type of manufacturing or industrial activity is granted an industrial license. Service providers, artisans, professionals, and craftspeople are all granted a professional license.

    9. What is the minimal amount of money needed to start a business in the UAE?

      In the UAE, there is no minimum investment necessary to start a business. The value of your investment in the UAE is determined by your company’s activities, partners, and location.

    10. What are the documents required for business license renewal in UAE?

      To renew a business license in the UAE, you’ll need an Ejari registration certificate, a valid tenancy contract, a copy of your existing trade license.

    11. Which of the UAE’s emirates should I establish my business in?

      Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain are the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Depending on your company operations, rental costs, and potential clientele, you’ll need to figure out which DED license you’ll need. It’s critical to also figure out what your company activities will be before deciding which emirate to start business.

    12. What is the cost of starting a business in Dubai?

      The cost varies depending on the company’s operations. If all goes well, we’ll be able to create a company in a couple of working days. HLB HAMT  as a leading business consultant in Dubai can help you find cost-effective solutions for your business. Contact our business setup advisors for an actual cost of an LLC business setup in Dubai.

    13. How to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai?

      You must reserve a trade name and get preliminary permission before forming a limited liability company in Dubai Mainland or elsewhere in the UAE. You must also get a memorandum of association and submit the leasing contract as well as other required papers to the Department of Economic Development (DED).

    14. What is a Trade license in Dubai?

      An entrepreneur or investor must get an original trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in order to launch a new business in the UAE. Obtaining a legal trade license in Dubai is an important part of forming a business in the UAE.

    15. How to obtain a Trade license in Dubai?

      To obtain a trade license in Dubai, one must first select a business name, prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and submit them to the DED for preliminary approval. As proof of the Dubai company’s registered location, a leasing agreement is also necessary. Finally, obtain helpful permission from other government agencies. After that, you can file an application for a trade license.

    16. What is the difference between a branch office and a representative office in the United Arab Emirates?

      A representative office is a branch created by the parent company for the aim of promoting an overseas firm and offering their products to UAE enterprises, whereas a branch office can do business in the UAE other than promotional activities.

    17. What are the attractions of company setup in Dubai?

      The United Arab Emirates is a popular investment location across the world. The UAE is the undisputed leader in the cargo and re-export sectors. The UAE economy has experienced significant growth attracting investors from all around the world and is considered as a global financial hub.

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