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A payroll system streamlines and automates the process of paying a company’s employees. Accurate and timely payment of wages play a crucial role in the functioning of an enterprise and for this, an affordable, efficient and smooth payroll process is mandatory. The role of payroll function is not limited to calculating wages of employees; it includes efficient management of many other components such as leave, travel expense, accruals etc. that simplifies HR processes. Out of the diverse payroll outsourcing services in UAE, choosing the best one that suits your business is essential.

Most business owners and payroll related staff don’t have time to research and study constantly changing regulations, withholding rates and government forms. Outsourcing payroll services endows the assistance of a professional team who has proved their prowess in payroll related stuff.

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    Payroll Outsourcing Methodology

    • Effective management of multi-country payroll

      Managing multi-currency payroll from one location is a complex and daunting task. Outsourcing services model will help you centralize your payroll and efficiently manage it from a single location.

    • Knowledge and understanding of local regulations

      An HR’s job involves the challenging task of managing variable pay such as education and housing allowances, air ticket allowances, leave management, general and travel expense management and keeping track of accruals. By payroll outsourcing, it is ensured that the accruals and variable pay are tracked and verified by payroll experts.

    • Managing variable pay and accruals

      Our expert staff and the robustness of involved procedures come together to provide a reliable, accurate and cost-effective alternative to an in-house team.

    • Highest level of accuracy

      All our services are offered with complete confidentiality and transparency. There are no hidden costs, so you pay only for the services that you use. Most importantly, all your official data remain confidential with us.

    • Reduces Costs

      Finding an appropriate payroll resource that suits your business could be an intimidating and costly affair. Payroll Outsourcing will provide you with the best resource for minimal cost.

    • Customized Payroll Application

      Every organization is unique and the possibility of finding a ready-made software that best suits an organization is one in a hundred. A tailor-made software will cost a mountain and scalability is always limited. Our configurable payroll helps the client to achieve optimal results with a scalable option.

    • Payroll Reports

      Generating various statutory reports is always a challenge to the payroll team. Not every in-house application will have the functionalities to generate ad-hoc reports. This will require either customization or manual process. We produce reports specific to every business.

    • Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

      Employees self-service portal eases the payroll process by reducing the time of the manual request and approval process. With the help of ESS, employees can apply for leave, review timesheet, inquire about available loan programs, request for overtime payment, view compensation history and submit reimbursement slips.

    • Team of Experts

      Most business owners and payroll related staff don’t have time to research and study constantly changing regulations, withholding rates and government forms. Outsourcing payroll endows the services of a professional team who has proved their prowess in payroll-related stuff.

    • Enhances Data Security

      Data security has turned out to be a major concern for organizations across the globe and defending sensitive information has become increasingly challenging and costly. An effectual payroll provider understands the true value of data and the effects of data leakage on the credibility of an organization. Outsourcing enhances data security as compliance on IT security is the primary responsibility of any service provider. We at HLB HAMT ensure data security by following ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 Type II compliances.

    HLB HAMT, a payroll outsourcing company in Dubai, will help you solve your firm’s payroll complexities through customized strategies. Our leadership team spends necessary hours in every project, ensuring you get refined consulting services to take your business forward.

    Outsource your Payroll services

    we offer payroll services in the below locations;

    Emirates in the UAE

      Dubai  Sharjah  Ras al Khaimah
      Abu Dhabi  Fujairah
      Ajman  Umm al Quwain


    GCC Countries

      UAE  Qatar  Kuwait
     Oman  KSA (Saudi Arabia)  Bahrain


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is UAE WPS?

      UAE WPS is an electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions and organizations in the private sector to pay their employees through banks, exchange bureaus and financial institutions approved by the UAE Central Bank. The purpose of WPS is to ensure wages are paid on time and in full. WPS is applicable to all mainland companies in the private sector and companies registered under JAFZA.

      For more details:-  UAE Wage Protection system

    2. What are the statutory pay components included in an employee’s salary and Which are the common pay components that are normally payable to employees?

      There are no defined statutory components. Fixed components may include Basic salary, House rent allowance, transport allowance and other allowances. The variable components may include Overtime, Sales commission, Bonus, Incentives, Relocation allowances, Mobile allowances etc.

    3. How is UAE Gratuity accrued?

      UAE Gratuity is accrued against the last drawn basic salary and calculated as follows;

      1. Twenty-one days’ pay for every year of the first five years of service.
      2. Thirty days pay for every additional year.

      For more details:- UAE Gratuity policy and settlement

    4. Does UAE have a minimum wage?

      Employees at UAE do not have a set minimum pay. Some nations have established minimum salaries for their citizens working in the UAE, either through bilateral agreements or as a condition of visa clearance.

    5. Which are the statutory leaves in UAE?

      • Annual Leave -30 Days
      • Sick Leave – 15 days-Full Pay, 30 Days-Half Pay, 45 Days-Unpaid
      • Maternity Leave – 45 Days Full pay, 15 Days Half pay
      • Study Leave – 10 Days
      • Bereavement Leave – 3 to 5 Days
      • Sabbatical Leave
      • Parental Leave – 5 Days

      For more details:- UAE Leave Policies

    6. Is employee Medical Insurance mandatory in UAE?

      It is mandatory that an employer provide medical insurance to the employee during the duration of employment. Some companies are extending this coverage to employees’ dependents even though this is not mandatory.

    7. What is the salary payment currency in UAE?

      The salaries shall be paid in UAE Dirham and may be paid in another currency if it is agreed upon between both parties in the employment contract.

    8. Can payroll system be integrated with the HR system?

      Yes, payroll system can be integrated with multiple HR systems. HLB HAMT’s services include uploading data for new hires and terminated employees and payroll changes for clients’ employees in the GCC region.

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