Company Secretarial Services in UAE

Company secretarial services in UAE can help companies in free zones, mainland and offshore resolve these challenges by handling their administrative duties, regardless of their size. This allows a company to run successfully and consistently.

With the support of the expert business firm HLB HAMT, our team of professionals can provide you with a wide range of business secretarial services across several jurisdictions, assisting you in maintaining good corporate governance. We offer business setup services in Dubai, UAE, as well as assistance with yearly company license renewals and other services for large and small firms.

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    What do company secretarial services in UAE necessitate?

    Activities and everyday tasks linked to government regulations and inspections with the local authorities might become a hindrance once your organization begins operating in any of the UAE’s regions. Company Secretarial Services cover this gap, enabling a company to run efficiently while also coordinating crucial tasks like yearly license renewal and many others.

    Trying to stay ahead of compliance duties has never been more crucial for businesses, whether you are establishing a new business in the UAE or assessing your firm’s response to current government rules.

    The disparities in rules and regulations make it difficult for international enterprises to establish themselves and begin operations. Regulatory compliance responsibilities and procedures, as well as inspection by local authorities, might be a major issue.

    A normal business in UAE can easily require several temporary staff members at any given time for various reasons. So, whether the need is just to fill in for a short period of time until the regular person comes back from leave of absence or whether the need is more permanent, our company secretarial services in Dubai, UAE can provide an immediate answer.

    Let’s dive into HLB HAMT’s company secretarial services, which are mentioned below.

    UAE Share Transfer

    Although company shares are the firm’s property, they can be sold or transferred to other people or businesses. In the UAE, company shares are transferred in exchange of products or services, for cash, pay off debts and in certain circumstances, family members are given business stock as a present. If a shareholder no longer wishes to be engaged with or deemed a partner in a firm, shares may be exchanged to another individual or corporate body without charge. In the UAE, there are limits on share transfers, thus it’s critical that a director or business administration double-checks the shareholders’ agreement and articles of association before permitting such activity to commence. In order to accomplish the transfer, you must first fill out a share transfer application.  Apart from the license amendment form, which must be submitted to local authorities, including the Department of Economic Development UAE, and the transfer of the share agreement, the application form is required. The buyer’s Emirates ID, or any national ID or trading license in the event of a business organisation, is also required. Prior to the submission and shareholder resolution, a company’s memorandum of association must be certified.

    Manager Change

    When making a decision to substitute a manager for a Limited Liability Company, the first step is to seek advice of the company’s documents – the information in the  MOA (Memorandum of Association) which will describe the way that must be pursued and who is responsible for substitute and assignment of the replacement. If a foreign partner in an LLC is a company, the foreign Shareholder must first pass a Resolution. This paper should include, or be supplemented by, a document containing the new manager’s authority. When this document has been authorized for use in the UAE, you must update the necessary UAE authorities’ databases. It may be necessary to notify the Dubai municipality, as well as your company’s bank, to keep them up to date.

    Notary Service

    A notary is an impartial witness who will administer an oath, take statements, and certify documents. A notary work in the UAE does more than just attest signatures.

    Notaries act as impartial witnesses to ensure that all parties involved in a document are identified correctly and that they understand the contents of the document. Notaries can also take affidavits or statements but cannot swear in witnesses, examine them verbally or under oath, or advise them on how to answer questions. Notaries are also responsible for certifying documents when the signing parties cannot be present.

    In order to serve as a notary in the UAE, you must have a university degree, speak fluent Arabic and English, and be at least 21 years old. In addition, you must have two witnesses testify on your behalf as to your character and integrity. After this is completed, you will be referred to the Ministry of Justice or a Ministry of Foreign Affairs office for appointment as a notary public.

    Director Substitution

    The director of a company is entrusted with and legally liable for ensuring that the firm complies with all legal filing requirements imposed by local authorities.

    The process can be initiated by filing an application with UAE Ministry of Commerce which will then be submitted to the Ministry of Justice for approval. After approval, the new director can sign all contracts on behalf of the company without having to have any court approvals or being able to change its name. If you need to discharge a current director and substitute him with someone else, or if you want to add a new director to your firm, the process is very straightforward.

    There are a number of papers that must be submitted to the local authorities in order to inform them of the change.

    • Resolution stating that the corporation intends to change its officers.
    • A legalized and notarized certificate of incumbency.
    • Signature Sample
    • A Visa and a copy of your passport that is valid for at least six months
    • Proof of address – not older than six months and dated recently.

    UAE Attestation

    When applying for a visa to migrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), whether for personal or professional reasons, UAE attestation is required. The UAE attestation method will prove that the documents are legal. The process of attesting papers brought by immigrants is known as attestation.

    The methods for attestation in the UAE vary depending on the kind of certificate. The verification of all papers relevant to the business, commerce, and so on is included in commercial document attestation. The primary goals of UAE commercial attestation are to get the right to sell properties in one’s home country, to dissolve an LLC partnership, to establish a bank account, and to register a company.

    The immigrant is allowed to go to the United Arab Emirates after completing the UAE attestation requirements. The documents he/she was carrying would be regarded valid. Without the approval of the host country’s MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), UAE attestation processes are incomplete.

    No Objection Certificate (NOC) UAE

    A NOC, also known as a No Objection Certificate in the UAE, is a formal letter whose aim is to say, as its name implies, that the issuer has no objections to the operation or activity that the individual will undertake. The following processes require a NOC as part of the documentation:

    Obtaining a UAE driving license, purchasing a car, renewing/adding activity to your business, adding a partner to your firm, launching a branch, shifting employment from one private company to another, and lifting a labour prohibition are all examples of things you can do.

    The following are the features of an employer’s no objection certificate:

    • It should come from your employer or a sponsor.
    • It must be written in both English and Arabic.
    • A letter of authorization (NOC) is a completely voluntary document that must be freely supplied by the employer.

    An attestation is a work that is done with the aim of certifying the accuracy of an attached or associated document. The attestation may be purely administrative, in which case it is undertaken by someone who has no authority to represent the party for whom they are undertaking it; or it may come from a government minister with full authority to speak on behalf of their country when signing an international agreement.

    The Chamber and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE attestations are mandatory for certain kinds of transactions, including anything that will have legal ramifications abroad. The same requirement does not apply within the borders of UAE. It is not necessary for an attestation to be handwritten. Documents can be sent by fax or electronic mail. The Chamber and Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation form is available in Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Attributed translations are also available for 17 additional languages.

    A specific code number is assigned to each attestation and this code appears on the document and on the certificate. The issuing state will place a seal or stamp on the document to show that it has been attested.

    Power Of Attorney Attestation

    The attestation of a Power of Attorney is one of the most important legalisation steps, and it involves obtaining an attestation stamp from the UAE Embassy. It must be done from the nation where the certificate was granted. A power of attorney (POA) is a legal instrument that permits you to appoint someone or a business to manage your affairs while you can not. If the individual has a specialization in another country, this document must be verified. It takes a long time to have a Power of Attorney legalised. It is a step-by-step attestation procedure that must be followed until the UAE embassy issues the final certification. The following is the attestation method for Power of Attorney in the United Arab Emirates:

    • The Chamber of Commerce is a local business organisation, and getting validation from them is the first step in getting commercial documents legalised.
    • The Ministry of External Affairs, or MEA, is the final level of authorization from the home government, after which the document receives a MEA stamp.
    • Embassy Attestation is done by officials from the nation for which the documents are being validated. It is the last stage in the certification process.

    UAE Residency Visa

    Obtaining a UAE Residency Visa – Other nations, with the exception of UAE and GCC residents, must obtain a UAE residency visa in order to lawfully reside in Dubai and other emirates.

    Many working expats will be sponsored for a UAE resident visa by their employer, and a residence visa is required to acquire a driver’s license, apply for a PO Box, buy a home, or establish a bank account in the UAE. Steps to Obtaining an UAE  Residency Visa:

    • Acquiring an Employment Entry Permit.
    • Following the approval and issuance of the Entry Permit, the Applicant must undergo a medical examination and request for his Emirates ID.
    • Once the applicant passes his or her medical check, the authentic paperwork, as well as the original passport, must be given to the Immigration Department, which will check the documents and issue the resident visa in the applicant’s passport.

    The Advantages for Company Secretarial Services in UAE

    Company secretarial services are one of the fundamental activities of the firm. After establishing a company in Dubai, one of the primary reasons to think about outsourcing your corporate secretarial services is to obtain access to the best professionals. Regardless of how big or little your business is, you might not have the money to engage a full-time professional to handle your company’s secretarial duties, so that’s where the professional service providers come into the equation.

    • Better Productivity
      By giving you more time to concentrate on your firm’s core competencies, outsourcing these services can increase the productivity of your organisation. The experts who are hired to provide the solutions ensure that everything is done successfully and without delay.
    • Lower Operational Costs
      Outsourcing the services has the benefit of bringing in a more seasoned expert with training in this area. You can lower your operational costs in this method.
    • Appropriate Handling
      In the UAE, company secretarial services are provided by highly experienced personnel that can assist you in managing your administrative tasks efficiently, expertly, and with ease.

    Why HLB HAMT for Corporate Secretarial Services in UAE ?

    A broad variety of quality, relatively affordable company secretarial services in UAE provided by HLB HAMT is customised to your firm’s needs. Our attentive service will help you comply with the intricate and ever-changing legal requirements in the UAE, allowing your firm to concentrate on its main tasks and corporate objectives.

    One of our strengths is corporate secretarial services. We have a group of specialists and consultants in the United Arab Emirates that provide the whole spectrum of services.  Thus, we are always able to help and guide you so that you remain competitive.

    Frequently Asked Questions – Company Secretarial Services

    1. What are company secretarial services in UAE?

      Company secretarial services are the administrative duties performed by an organisation to guarantee adherence to legal requirements, sound corporate governance, and efficient management.

    2. What does a UAE Notary Service Do?

      An unbiased witness known as a notary will take statements, administer oaths, and certify papers. In the UAE, a notary performs more tasks than only attesting signatures.

    3. When is UAE attestation required?

      An UAE attestation is necessary when applying for a visa to immigrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), whether for personal or professional purposes. The legality of the papers will be demonstrated by the UAE attestation process.

    4. What are a corporate secretary’s duties?

      • Company records are kept up to date
      • The company continues to follow all legal standards
      • Accountable for drafting the minutes of the annual general meeting
      • Assist in submitting amendments and other compliance issues
    5. Who is the company secretary?

      A company secretary is in charge of making sure the business complies with all normative legal and financial standards in the country where it was incorporated.

    6. Why is it necessary to hire a corporate secretarial service in UAE?

      The efficient operation of the business within the constraints of the corporate laws and other regulatory standards depends on the company secretarial service providers in Dubai.

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