Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

“Our Credo revolves around business practices compliant with sustainability.” HLB HAMT is one of the reputable organizations in the UAE, providing audit, accounting, tax, advisory, and consulting services to numerous clients worldwide. With more than two decades of experience, we have earned the badge of being the most trustworthy entity on which entrepreneurs can count. Our journey from a small firm in 1999 to a leading global organization has been shaped by the values we implemented without compromise, even during unprecedented times. Our corporate social responsibility practices are inculcated after much thought and after addressing all the concerns consistently. With our well-designed corporate business practices, we have gained the emotional satisfaction of our clients, people, and communities, which encompass geographic, professional, and social dimensions.

“The three strategic cornerstones of our vision are below mentioned.”

  1. Diversity & Inclusion

    The company culture of HLB HAMT is grounded in diversity and inclusion, which in turn enhances employee engagement. We always lend our ears to listen to our employees’ suggestions and recommendations, which bring innovation to our business practices. The benefits we provide to our employees have nourished employees’ commitment, followed by providing best-in-class service to our clients.

    • Facilitating talent mobility programs.
    • A promoter of employee empowerment.
    • Establishing leadership practices that enable an equitable corporate culture.
  2. The Environment

    One of today’s most pressing challenges is the “climate catastrophe.” HLB HAMT engages in conversation with its team and its people to understand, track, and minimize the harmful impact on the environment. We will take the following measures to lessen our carbon emissions:

    • Turning digital, recycling, and decreasing trash.
    • Lowering energy use in our workplaces.
    • Cutting back on avoidable business trips.
  3. Communities

    As an organization that gives utmost importance to serving our communities in the best possible ways, we are active in helping our communities through:

    • Contribution to society
    • Volunteering work


The strengths that we rely on!

Our CSR approach has emerged from the ‘only achieving corporate profits’ cocoon. Our goal is to create an inclusive and sustainable tomorrow for all HLB people through our CSR strategy.

  • Ideal Workplace Environment

An Organization’s success is strongly correlated with how satisfied its employees are, who make up the company’s biggest asset. With this in mind, we prioritize creating an environment at the workplace that encourages the growth of our employees’ professional and personal lives.

  • Integrity and Commitment

We collaborate to accomplish our objectives since we preserve our principles without making any sacrifices. We strive diligently to be the business that entrepreneurs think of whenever they require assistance due to our commitment, honesty, and expertise. Numerous enterprises across the globe have already gained confidence in us owing to our open lines of interaction and dedication to completing tasks without delay.

  • Ecological Accountability

We are aware of the importance of the preservation of our environment. Our every business practice and decision-making revolve around our responsibility to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

  • Sustainable Society

We think that sustainability is essential to foster a culture of accountability. We encourage good sustainability by actively supporting the causes our employees care. As a result, our employees develop more decisive leadership, teamwork, and a sense of belonging.


Bottom Line

CSR is not a new concept, but it has become increasingly important in recent years in the corporate world as consumers have become more aware of the issues that affect them and the planet. A company that is seen doing its bit for society is likely to be more attractive to consumers and, as a result, more successful. Many reasons a company might choose to adopt a CSR strategy, but some of the most common are outlined below.

  • CSR can improve an organization’s image,
  • Increase employee morale,
  • Attract and retain customers,
  • Create a competitive advantage.

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