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Strong business processes are crucial for organizations to run their business effectively. Having a clear business workflow which is accessible by all employees help organizations reduce their dependency on individuals. Concise and well-articulated processes help modern-day organizations scale up their operations and equipped in taking up emerging market opportunities. HLB HAMT, a business process management consulting firm, helps clients set up processes and systems that will enable them to run their business efficiently.

We study and assesses your company’s existing structure, workflow, input and output documents and thereafter conduct a gap analysis to identify gaps in existing business process and organizational structure. Based on the gap analysis, we propose bespoke solutions that fit the company’s culture, values and working environment.

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    We help you improve your business process

    • Standard Operating Procedures 

      Standard Operating Procedures serve to instruct process owners and clarify doubts within a process. Our business process consultants are trained to ensure that no detail is left out while preparing an SOP. We give the precision that you require and ensure that gaps identified in your existing process are eliminated with the proper control measures built into the process. We prepare Internal Control Systems for companies in order to ensure that SOPs are properly implemented. We also design review systems, forms and MIS reports templates. This is a preceding step to enable effective internal audits/controls.

    • Preparation of Policy Manuals

      We help our clients create policy manuals that ensure smooth operations from Board level to Executive Team and other employees within the organizational structure. Such policy manuals cover all departments such as; HR Manual, IT, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, Internal Audit, etc. At the Board level, we help companies prepare their Corporate Governance Manuals and Delegation of Authority Matrix.

    • Prep-up for ERP implementation

      ERP prep-up is done usually for companies that are planning to implement an ERP from scratch or planning to migrate to a significantly different ERP from what they have. We identify tasks that need to be automated based on the business processes mapped and help organizations to prepare a brief to different ERP vendors. Respective ERP capabilities are then evaluated, and we can help clients to identify the best option.

    Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Why should I have policies for my organization?

      Policies provide much-needed clarity and accountability for day-to-day decisions taken in the business. Having them documented smoothens your business operations and also provides assurance to you as the owner or a senior executive of the company.

    2. How do I know, whether my company is needing policies?

      Policies are needed for all companies – if you are a relatively new company operating for maybe less than 5 years, and having a small team of staff, policies help to scale up the organization. Or, if you are a large enterprise operating with a basic policy framework in place, a lack of policies may lead to losses of efficiency and controls.

      Further, you may already be having issues such as –  payments getting delayed due to every single payment needing approval from the Owner/ CEO, confusion amongst employees on pricing, lack of controls on credit terms, constant friction between departments etc.

      Either way, it is time that you start looking at getting a seasoned consultant to help you develop your policies.

    3. Would HLB HAMT provide Policies and Processes to operate by? If so how is a process different from a policy?

      Policies and processes are both provided by HLB HAMT for any type of business. While we have worked in several sectors directly, our team also has access to experts across multiple domains and can develop policies and processes for most sectors

      A process or a procedure or an SOP differ from a policy because these specify step-by-step instructions to produce a required output and assign responsibilities to departments or positions for executing them.

    4. Does HLB HAMT cover my industry of Business for the above service?

      Yes, we cover industries from, Retail, FMCG, Trading, Construction, Leasing, Services, Marine, and Hospitality as well as several manufacturing sectors.

    5. How will Policies and Processes help me as a Business?

      Policies and procedures help you to build efficiencies, develop controls and reduce dependencies on individuals. Further, you will also be able to use these while moving on to new ERP implementation or while customizing existing software systems. They also help in providing External Auditors assurance. Further, this also provides security to the Owners and Board members that the company operates in an organized and well-controlled manner.

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