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Company setup in UAE is a potential business investment. For an investor, forming a Dubai company is a proactive move. UAE’s 100% foreign ownership, reduced taxes, ease of doing business, improved infrastructure, and e-government system, business opportunities exceed all expectations. Dubai offers investors nearly everything they need to start a business there. HLB HAMT is having expertise and experienced consultants to help you with Company Formation in Dubai and all other Emirates. Want to set up a Company in Dubai?

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    Why Choose Company Setup in Dubai, UAE?

    “Dubai Makes a Promise to the Future”

    Dubai is the most desirable country for foreign investors looking to launch a business. For investors, the UAE provides a range of options for business registration. Due to its outstanding infrastructure, first-rate services, stunning buildings, and cutting-edge technology, Dubai holds a prominent position in the business world. Its infrastructure attracts tons of investors to establish companies in Dubai.

    Under the government regulations, everything is secure. The government has established strict laws and policies to combat fraud and illegal activities. And therefore, registration happens in a confidential setting.

    UAE is the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes to grow, from start-ups to large multinational corporations. Additionally, HLB HAMT has offered support and assistance to several business owners in registering their businesses and familiarizing themselves with market laws. HLB HAMT makes every effort to help investors during the business setup in Dubai and UAE.

    7 Easy Steps to UAE Company Formation

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    HLB HAMT offers free consultations on company Setup in Dubai and UAE

    Choose the type of company

    HLB HAMT provides numerous options for Onshore, Offshore, and Free Zone companies.

    Consent from the authorities

    An initial consent signifies that the government is in favour of the company’s operations in the nation.


    All businesses need to have a physical location to operate and should adhere to the requirements imposed by the authorities.

    Ejari Procedure

    This process outlines the terms and conditions of the contract as well as information regarding the property.


    A process called attestation includes a competent authority verifying documents.

    Acquiring a License

    Investors can get a business licence through the service centres or websites of the economic departments after completing the aforementioned procedures.

    Benefits of Company Formation in Dubai

    Expert Opinion

    One of the main draws for investors and businesspeople is how simple doing business is in Dubai. The UAE has a high ranking in the global index for business accessibility. However, Dubai makes it even simply because of the infrastructure that welcomes investors and the abundance of business consultants. We are a top-notch offering Company Formation in Dubai.

    Versatility and Flexibility

    When starting a business, Dubai offers a wide range of options. A flexible environment is necessary for the company to function efficiently, and Dubai’s government recognizes this. Different legal documents and trade licenses are available for businesses in the mainland and free zones.

    As a result, when starting out, you can choose the best for your business and personal needs. Dubai’s business centers provide a variety of office spaces, further increasing the flexibility of the service.

    Worldwide Talents

    Dubai draws workers and specialists from all over the world than businesspeople. Any foreign workers you hire can come to the UAE and work for you by obtaining the necessary visas and work permits. All of this is possible because of Dubai’s lenient labor laws.

    Lenient Authorities

    Dubai draws workers and specialists from all over the world than businesspeople. Any foreign workers you hire can come to the UAE and work for you by obtaining the necessary visas and work permits. All of this is possible because of Dubai’s lenient labor laws.

    Outstanding Infrastructure

    Dubai boasts a top-notch infrastructure that promises the best of the present day. Any business’ future depends critically on its infrastructure. It is impressive how well it can withstand potential natural disasters and regional instability.

    Limited Ownership Restrictions

    Before, starting a business on Dubai’s mainland required a local sponsor. They were only permitted to own 49% of a company; the remaining 51% had to be owned by an Emirati. Though, that isn’t the case anymore. Except for a few sectors like oil and gas, foreigners own 100% of their UAE companies.

    Geographical location

    Due to its favorable location, UAE is ideal for international businesses to reach a long customer base. The proximity to China and India makes it a perfect place for some services.


    Types of companies in Dubai

    UAE is well-known due to its consistent economic growth on a global scale. In Dubai, there are several types of companies available for company formation. Our experts provide thorough Business consultation to assist investors in making informed decisions on company formation in Dubai.


    HLB HAMT makes every effort to help investors during the business setup in Dubai. When you establish a company in Dubai or another region, our company formation agents in the UAE can explain the essentials for each type of business form.

    Licenses for Companies in Dubai

    In Dubai, the licensing process for a company is finished concurrently with incorporation. The following license categories are available to companies that register in Dubai:

    • The trading license
    • The industrial license
    • The commercial license
    • The professional license.

    These licenses typically need to be obtained, regardless of where the company is registered. A special License is necessary for additional activities like import and export. It is significant to remember that each free zone company in Dubai is required to carry out particular activities. The authorities in charge of them impose special licenses on some of them.

    When starting a business, our Dubai company formation agents can assist you in obtaining the required licenses. Set up Company in Dubai with us for making your dream business.

    Documents and Fees for Company Setup in Dubai, UAE.

    Depending on the economic zone you choose, different documents are needed. When establishing a business in Dubai, you will be required to obtain the following documents:

    • Copies of the owners’ and partners’ passports
    • The business’s memorandum of association.
    • The business’s governing documents.
    • Business Plan
    • The filled-out application form.
    • A copy of the office space tenancy agreement.
    • A letter approving the trading name.

    The costs also change depending on where you plan to start your business and the types of operations you intend to carry out. Consult the experts at HLB HAMT who make these processes simple for you. Contact us to begin your company formation in Dubai and the UAE.

    Setup a Company in Dubai & UAE with HLB HAMT

    HLB HAMT makes every effort to assist investors with business setup in Dubai. Throughout the last decade, HLB HAMT has evolved and adapted to the latest technology to provide real-time solutions to its vast client base. HLB HAMT has experienced consultants who can assist you with Company Formation in Dubai and other Emirates.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Company Formation

    1. Why did I pick HLB HAMT for company formation in Dubai?

      HLB HAMT has more than two decades of experience setting up businesses. We are a reputable incorporation specialist company in Dubai, dedicated to giving you the best service at fair prices.

    2. When do I need to renew my corporate paperwork?

      In the UAE, all licenses are renewable yearly. Non-renewal results in penalties and the expiration of any related licenses.

    3. Why are your fees less than those of your competitors?

      In the UAE, we keep our own offices and employees. We complete the work we do for you internally and at a fair cost. As a result, our clients benefit from cost savings through our economically priced incorporation associates.

    4. How long does the incorporation procedure take?

      For some free zone entities, incorporation can be completed in few days. The registration of a trading name is the first step. Once that is finished, it is time to organize all the paperwork needed for that type of incorporation and contact the appropriate license issuing authority.

    5. Do I have to travel to the UAE to incorporate the business?

      Without your physical presence, we can incorporate offshore companies. We can begin the incorporation process without you in the case of free zones and onshore jurisdictions, but you will eventually need to be present. In the UAE, you must sign all official incorporation documents. However, if you were to give us a power of attorney authenticated and certified by an embassy or consulate of the UAE abroad, we could complete the incorporation processes without needing you to travel to the UAE.

    6. Do I require office space in the UAE?

      Yes, office space is necessary for incorporations in the UAE. If you want to move your headquarters to the UAE, you might want to look into office options or choose a small space to reduce costs. In both situations, HLB HAMT will give you advice on the ideal workspace. From there, one can make wise decisions.

    7. What type of incorporation is best for me?

      We provide consultation to assist you in deciding while taking your company’s current needs and long-term goals. Take the time to discuss all your options with one of our knowledgeable consultants.

    8. What distinguishes a shareholder from a director?

      Using a share certificate, the shareholder can legally own the business. Shares of a company may be held by a single person or by many. Managing the business is the responsibility of the director. In addition to account opening documents, he also signs business contracts. Usually, shareholders elect directors, but occasionally, resolutions also elect directors. There may be one or more directors for a company.

    9. Can the same person hold the positions of shareholder and manager simultaneously?

      For all UAE incorporations, this is possible.

    10. Do my family members and dependents qualify for a residence visa?

      HLB HAMT will arrange for dependents’ and extended family members’ medical exams and residency visa requirements.

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