Forensic And Fraud Investigations

Fraud is one of the most common and damaging risks faced by organizations that has the ability to cause financial and reputational loss. If you observe any questionable activity in your business, you must act quickly in order to avoid loss of a huge percentage of revenue or it may end up in a non-recoverable situation.

HLB HAMT’s forensic accounting professionals are talented in accounting, auditing, and investigations to assist every management to uncover any type of financial fraud and preserve evidence. We look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation. Our services include fraud Investigation and Forensic accounting, in depth data Analysis, Fraud Risk Management and awareness trainings.

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    Forensic Audit Dubai

    Our forensic accounting and investigative experience include Conflicts of interest, Embezzlement, Fraudulent financial reporting, Misappropriation of corporate assets, Money laundering and quantifying losses incurred by a not-for-profit action by the top management.

    Our forensic accounting experts are well equipped to communicate the financial information related to the fraud in a clear and concise manner to the management and in front of the court.

    Frequently Asked Questions – Forensic And Fraud Investigations

    1. What is the purpose of Forensic and Fraud Investigations in UAE?

      A forensic investigation helps to understand the root cause behind a fraud or a loss, to determine who the perpetrators and accomplices of the fraud were and get details on how the fraud was committed. Such a report would usually be reviewed by the police or legal authorities and form an integral part of an overall case investigation.

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