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Today’s organizations give predominant importance to increased privacy regulations, stakeholder’s profitability demands and the ever so changing consumer privacy expectations. As a result, the emphasis on personal data is growing and the companies are facing complicated reputational, regulatory and data privacy risk environment.

With the help of HLB HAMT privacy management professionals, you can be better prepared to face your future with assurance. We can help you implement techniques to prevent multiple levels of data loss, and help you align with any government instructed data protection laws or frameworks. We understand that every data is important for the company, be it your clients, employees, IP related or your bank account related. We will help you classify your data to identify risks, gaps, weaknesses, etc. along with opportunities for improvement if any. We can also identify and assess your current data security policies and suggests improvements on the same.

Our expert IT Audit & Assessment team can guide you or help change your operations to be in compliance with local data protection & regulation laws like NESA, NABIDH and ADHICS.


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    Almost all the local data protection and regulation laws focus on protecting a company’s and personal reputation through implementing proactive measures and policies. This will include identifying and safeguarding organization’s valuable assets, continuous look out for incoming attacks, and develop a system that respond quickly in case of a breach.

    How to reduce risks?

    It’s an interesting fact that the frequency of critical data breaches are increasing and as a result the management administration and the IT departments focus on safeguarding their data systems more than ever before. Our experienced and expertise data security, privacy and information governance experts in UAE helps you to reduce the risks associated with various privacy compliance frameworks along with recognizing the value of your personal data.

    Our Approach

    • Strategy Formulation: Targeting specific problems and aligning to the organization size.
    • Programming the Design: Risk Prioritization and Value Preservation
    • Building the Solution: With cutting edge technology and rigorous testing
    • Implementation: Executing change management & regulation specific training



    In 2018, Europe brought in its biggest data privacy reforms since 1988 through General Data Protection Regulation (GPR) act. The regulation was implemented to give individuals more rights on how their data is processed, transferred, and used by other parties. The law also holds organizations accountable in case they fail to protect their customer’s data from being misused or leaked.

    The data subjects or customers can enjoy several rights including:

    • More transparency on the usage of their data
    • The need of permission from the customer for what and how their data is being used.
    • Anytime the customers can withdraw their consent.
    • More rights on data transfer and deletion
    • Limitation on data profiling of customers
    • Compulsory notifications to the customers in case of a data breach

    Since the businesses are operating across borders and world is growing into a digital economy, it is extremely crucial for all the organizations to understand and comply with GDPR rules. Any breach can cost the company up to four percentage of a company’s annual global turnover or 20 million Euros. With proper guidance and consultation, you can be compliant to data security standards or regulatory requirements set by GDPR.


    DIFC’s new data protection law has set a significant benchmark for data privacy in the Middle East. The law aligns with the DIFC’s data protection framework with international data protection regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DIFC Portal contains all the data, for each company incorporated in the DIFC, and each company account on the portal is to be maintained and updated by that company itself. However, this framework is costly to maintain, and that cost is compliance obligation, and the time and money involved.

    We provide the following services in DIFC

    • Identifying your critical assets: Identify critical business services & information architecture
    • Data Classification: Identifying the level of security and privacy protection to be applied on data types or data sets and the scope in which it can be shared within and outside the organization.
    • Gap & Risk Assessment: Identification of threats and vulnerabilities exploiting the gaps resulting in risk.
    • Security Testing: Periodic assessments, vulnerability, and penetrating testing
    • Management Infrastructure: Development of a management and governance system for the protection of data privacy

    We have been providing outsourced Compliance Officers/MLROs and support resources to DFSA Regulated Firms for more than 10 years. We take pride on ourselves for being a trusted advisor to our clients and ensuring they maintain the compliance standards set by all regulatory agencies.

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