SAGE X3 Consultancy Services in Dubai

As Sage X3 consultants, we have undertaken a lot of successful implementations in these last few years. At HLB HAMT, we provide Sage ERP solutions to our clients, providing them with operational excellence, faster turnaround time, the best utilization of their resources and better client engagements. We have implemented Sage ERP across the middle east at diverse industries. We have Sage X3 certified business professionals in our team. Our team members include solution architects, project managers, developers, technical and business consultants.

Sage X3 is a flagship ERP platform from the Sage Group targeting mainly medium & large enterprises. It is a powerful tool that can manage a company’s entire financial ecosystem.

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    What we do

    Being a SAGE ERP expert in UAE for more than a decade now, our technical consultants can help you with everything related to the Sage X3 platform, be it overseeing the implementation, finding gaps in your X3 workflows through relevant IT Audit to the normal maintenance works. From our experience, we can vouch that Sage X3 is an extremely powerful, robust and flexible platform and can incorporate visual business processes into every module. Also, one of the major advantages of this platform is that it charges only on concurrent usage and not user wise. Sage X3 can be safely called a global product as it has country specific legislation to make your job easier.

    Our diverse team means that we can understand requirements, determine a solution, and create the solution all within our team. Our Sage-certified team has immense experience in technology and business processes. We offer you the choice of using our team to aid you fully or partly in your Sage X3 implementation process. Our team will help you migrate to Sage X3 as it is fast, easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere and from any screen alike. Our Robotic Process Automation solutions can be integrated into you Sage X3 to automate lot of your processes such as purchase request management, purchase & sales invoicing etc.

    We offer mainly the following services under Sage X3

    • Implementation of Sage X3
    • Re Implementation of Sage X3
    • Customization in Sage X3
    • Gap Analysis in your existing system
    • AMC support for Sage X3
    • Web Service Channels

    Our certified technical and functional ERP consultant in UAE will give you full assistance during implementation. Irrespective of the size and genre, Sage X3 is now becoming immensely popular among medium & large-scale industries.

    Industries Catered

    sage c3 for fmcg
    sage x3 for hospitality
    sage x3 for insurance
    sage x3 for manufacturing
    sage x3 for media
    sage x3 for oil and gas
    sage x3 for services
    sage x3 for shipping and distribution
    sage x3 for trading


    We provide assistance across varied industries including Services, Shipping, Trading, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Manufacturing, Hospitality, FMCG, Media and so on.

    Benefits of Sage X3

    There are numerous benefits associated with Sage X3 implementation, starting with making your organization foolproof and deliver financial and productive stability and that too at a minimal cost and less complexity compared to traditional ERP systems. Sage X3 also helps to minimize your operational costs and accelerating your business growth. With user-defined dashboards, you can select what you need to see on your home screen. This is important as you can keep a check on how your critical business functions are performing at that given time.

    SAGE X3 Consultancy Services in Dubai UAE

    Sage X3 will help you stay a step ahead of the competition, as an administrator, you can increase your productivity by many folds and automate your financial and operational processes. It is a perfect tool for any result-driven organization that has laid out big plans for its future.

    If you are planning to adopt SAGE X3 for your business or actively looking for an expert help, please drop us a mail! Our SAGE X3 consultants will be in touch soon.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Sage X3?

      Sage X3, also known as Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management is an ERP package from the Sage group. Sage X3 can handle the complete data flow of large scale organizations and can also be perfect for SMEs as well.

    2. Who uses Sage X3?

      From our experience, Sage X3 is most used by manufacturers and traders, usually, any organization that relies on complex departments and handles a high volume of data transactions.

    3. Name the core business functional areas supported by sage X3?

      A wide range of core business functional areas are supported by Sage X3 including reporting, purchasing, inventory, CRM, production management, quality control, HR & payroll management, etc.

    4. What does Sage X3 cost?

      Sage X3 can be purchased based on a subscription model which constitutes user access, hosting, future updates and support. You can also avail AMC from us to avail quality support.

    5. Can we customize our Sage X3 application?

      Yes, you can customize your Sage X3 solutions based on your requirements at a minimal cost.

    6. How can Sage X3 help in accounting?

      Sage X3 has inbuilt accounting modules such as cashflow management, general lodger, accounts receivable and payables, bank management, etc. Can handle transactions from multiple sources and countries for multi-nation organizations.

    7. Does Sage X3 offer third party extensions?

      Yes, you can choose the extensions from Sage Intact marketplace, which is a dedicated online store for the same.

    8. Is Sage X3 a Cloud-based solution?

      Sage X3 offers both on-premises and cloud-based installations. In the cloud-based version, multi-tenant functionalities are supported. There will be an annual subscription fee for both, inclusive of all the licensing charges.

    9. What all services do you provide in SAGE X3?

      We offer you the choice of using our team to aid you fully or partly in your Sage X3 implementation process. Our team will help you migrate to Sage X3 as it is fast, easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere and from any screen alike.

    10. How Sage X3 can help streamline operations in Large Enterprises?

      Sage X3 is a simple, flexible, cost-effective, end-to-end ERP that integrates all the business operations under one enterprise management solution and database. It is easily accessed online as its web-based through on-premise or cloud hosting and offers multi-currency, multi-country, multi-language, and multi-location features making it suitable for large enterprises as well as enterprises having global operations. It includes features such as inbuilt analytics, and visual processes that provide a graphical view of the sequence of steps/screens to perform the activities, notifications, alerts, and workflows that make it more user-friendly and provides analysis and decision making as well.

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