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The National Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health or abbreviated as NABIDH is a health information exchange platform brought by Dubai Health Authority which is now becoming mandatory compliance for Dubai’s public and private healthcare network to follow. We at HLB HAMT can help you in adhering to the compliance framework suggested by NABIDH and provide necessary guidance in upgrading your operations in compliance with the same.

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    What does HLB HAMT do?

    We help in ensuring that your healthcare infrastructure will maintain the highest levels of security of your patient’s data. Our experienced IT Audit & Assessment professionals in the UAE will help you identify the shortcomings in your system thus allowing you to comply with not only NABIDH but any local or international data privacy standards. In Abu Dhabi, we have been already working with various healthcare providers making them ADHICS compliant.


    Identifying the vulnerable critical assets & various business services that are prone to attack is the first step we undertake in any healthcare institution. Since the patient data is highly confidential and sensitive, it is important to understand the issues and formulate a Risk treatment plan. To assess the threats and possible vulnerable loopholes in the system, gap analysis is conducted and certain cybersecurity controls are mapped and proposed. The NABIDH compliance checks are done, and controls are developed to eliminate any impending risks. The management and operational controls are completely reviewed, scrutinized and upgraded based on NABIDH recommendations. A self-assessment audit is conducted across a series of processes. Our team also conduct awareness and training programs in cybersecurity, risk assessment and other NABIDH related compliances for your employees.

    Why is it important to be NABIDH Compliant?

    NABIDH, which translates to pulse in Arabic is part of UAE’s government’s larger vision to build a network of public and private sector providers to share the healthcare data securely in real-time. Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other related information can be coordinated and managed much better through this system.

    What are the Benefits of implementing NABIDH?

    • There are many benefits that DHA has mentioned for NABIDH.
    • Fast and secure access to a unified health record for your patients
    • Secure exchange of Patient’s medical records across various medical verticals
    • Helps healthcare providers take better decisions that can help the patients.
    • Helps keep track of patient’s medical conditions such as allergies, immunizations.
    • Comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history
    • Helps the hospital to faster and better-quality medical care in case of an emergency.
    • No need for the same medical tests for the patients at multiple hospitals as data would be centralized.
    • Support Smart Dubai’s vision to be paperless.

    As your organization grow, it will be more difficult to identify the gaps and manage the risks associated with them. With the help of our collaborative, risk assessment-ready ADHICS compliance services, you can measure your organization’s readiness against ADHICS requirements.

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