Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing is central to the growth of an economy and its impact on the society is noteworthy. Of late, numerous manufacturing units have been set up in UAE and the government also comes up with initiatives aimed at boosting the sector.

Manufacturing industry in UAE is robust and growing and it helps the country to reduce its dependence on oil and gas.

The manufacturing and constructing industry is expected to witness a huge growth in the coming years. Considering the excellent infrastructure, low-tax environment and strategic location of the country, many more investors are flocking to the country to establish their company. A consultant who can help them start their manufacturing company in UAE and provide guidance to the ones already established here, is a must.

Our vast clientele

HLB HAMT has provided services to numerous manufacturing and construction companies; our client base includes an impressive list of companies in these sectors. As such we know the functioning of a company in these sectors and the various services they require. Our services include external and internal audit, M&A, business planning, VAT implementation and many more.

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