Vulnerability and Penetrating Testing (VAPT) in UAE

Vulnerability & Penetrating testing (VAPT) are incredibly relevant and essential for any companies be it small, medium, or large. It allows them to be defiant against legitimate cyber-attacks and helps them identify their vulnerabilities and compromised areas. This test will involve highlighting the vulnerabilities all your technology assets, right from servers, computers to firewalls and networks, etc.

Our experts at HLB HAMT try to simulate the handling of real-world scenarios of phishing attacks through foolproof tactics, techniques and procedures. Through these tests, we make an assessment on how healthy your cybersecurity mechanisms are and how you can prevent infiltrations and phishing attacks from hackers and bots. We provide feedback on the routes and scenarios that cause the most risk for your company or application. Our team can think out of the box scenarios, simulating what real-world attacker would plan and try and get into your system. The feedback given by our team can help your organization in designing and prioritising any future security investment.

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    The need for VAPT in UAE

    By just using Vulnerability assessment tools, you cannot determine flaws that can potentially cause damage to your organization. For that you may need to conduct penetration tests that will help in rigorously testing and exposing the vulnerabilities in your systems. These tests can quantify the potentiality of each threat and classify the threats based on its severity. VAPT tests combines both tools to list out the total flaws in the system together with the potential risks associated with such flaws. Our security experts can quantify and prioritise such vulnerabilities through a series of testing mechanisms.

    Usually, the penetration test process is done without any prior notice to your employees. This will help the management in gauging the effectiveness of the security policies to a big extent. It can be sort of referred to a mock drill mechanism, for e.g., often your security system might provide too much emphasis on early detection and prevention of a possible attack, but completely fails to remove an attacker from the system efficiently before they cause further damage.

    Let’s now look at how VAPT can help make your business more secure

    • Provides a complete and fool-proof evaluation of your application and systems are provided
    • Helps you understand the loopholes and vulnerabilities in your systems
    • Gives you a detailed view of network-based threats
    • Safeguard your data from phishing attacks and prevent data loss
    • Saves your business from loss of reputation and money
    • Helps you attain and maintain compliance standards
    • Prevents unauthorized access to your systems
    • Protects your system from both external and internal threats

    What We Do

    The whole process of penetration testing can be split into multiple phases; this will change depending on the organization and the type of test conducted– internal or external.


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