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For any organization, it is extremely vital to identify any areas of weakness within their Business Continuity capabilities. Such weakness can increase the chance of more disruptive and major incidents happening. Moreover, the actual level of business performance will be mapped by the desired level of performance, and there should be mechanisms for need assessment to determine whether the business requirements are being met by your IT solutions.

Our expert consultants at HLB HAMT can help you determine such areas of weakness and identify which is that area that would be vulnerable to attacks. Such processes help in ensuring the company’s Business continuity arrangements keep up with the ever-changing business scenarios. We can also help you identify their performance gaps in policies, technology, security, processes, and strategies. The analysis will also throw light on how to bridge such gaps and take remedial methods towards the same.

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    The Role of Gap Analysis in Cyber Security

    In modern times, organizations tend to heavily invest in services and technologies to reduce their risk exposure. Though the first step of the analysis is an overall vulnerability scan, it may not reveal risks at a granular level. A comprehensive cybersecurity gap analysis builds on identifying such security risks at a primary level and align or redefine your security measures along with your business goals. Our skilled and season IT Audit Assessment team help tailor your IT Audit plans and will design it to counter the most critical cybersecurity risks associated with your organizations.


    We all know that the General IT Controls are one of the most vital components of financial information & business operational controls. Access & operational controls, change management, etc. are the basics for security, reliability & integrity of financial information. Our experienced and dedicated IT Audit professionals has the expertise in handling clients of all sizes across industry verticals. Across all key business stakeholders, the importance of General IT controls continues to increase.

    Be it your investors, regulators, auditors, owners, management, our ITGC services can be customized to each of your stakeholder’s needs and wants at the same time catering to the organization’s compliance requirements and risk appetite. At HLB HAMT, we assist organizations in designing foolproof ITGC frameworks and also aid in co-sourcing and out-sourcing ITGC Audits.

    Change Management

    Change Management has different meanings in today’s IT industry, some view it as a process for obtaining approval for project parameter changes such as timeline, scope & budget. Others view it as a process for undergoing complete testing of a new equipment or an infrastructure. Our team consists of ISO 20000 experts and PMP certified professionals, which help you design the best process for your operating environment, gain approval and make project changes.

    Incident Management

    An Incident in IT terms can be referred to a stoppage or disruption to a particular service or process. An incident can even lead to a communication gap between users and can even affect the overall productivity of the company. Incident management processes are adopted by all industries and can range from managing an IT system or network failure to maintaining the IT infrastructure. An incident management process effectively handles the incidents and suggests immediate incident resolution through a set of procedures and actions. This will help in handling critical incidents in quick time, find out the responsible person and determine the tools to be used for the resolution.

    At HLB HAMT we provide the following Incident Management Services:

    • Incident Prevention
    • Improve resolution time (MTTR)
    • Reducing downtime
    • Enhanced data fidelity
    • Improved Customer Experience
    • Increased Productivity

    Capacity Management

    A business should ensure that it maximizes its production output to max its potential, under any varied conditions. The act of planning a variety of actions to achieve the maximum potential output is called Capacity Management. The process includes planning, monitoring, and administrating actions to be undertaken through the IT resources to handle all processing requirements. The idea is to balance costs incurred against the required number of resources, or to balance supply against the demand. A bad capacity management can lead to unfulfilled orders, dissatisfied customers, lower market share and inevitably diminishing revenues.

    At HLB HAMT, we undertake capacity management procedure which involve human resources, hardware assets, networking and software infrastructure, other peripherals etc. These are the following activities we undertake:

    • Measure IT Capacity requirements according to current and future workloads
    • Design and develop a capacity management plan.
    • Timely performance goals monitoring
    • Support service level management through continuously capacity monitoring
    • Assistance in quick diagnosing & resolving incidents.
    • Take proactive measures and ensure cost-effective output.


    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a set of processes used by the IT industry to design, develop, analyze and test high-quality software solutions. The main aim of SDLC is to meet customer expectations and to ensure that the development is complete in a pre-set time frame and budget. We can provide you with a detailed plan on how to design, develop & maintain the best possible software to address your problems. At each stage, we can define a set of deliverables and processes with set timelines and cost estimates.

    Gap Assessment Services in UAE

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I get guidance in restructuring my organizational workflow?

      We will conduct an initial pre-assessment on your organization’s workflow and other processes, and we will identify the gaps and recommendations based on your company process, policies, redundancies, and risk which may help you in the restructuring of your organization.

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