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ADHICS – Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security 

The Department of Health, Abu Dhabi (DoH) launched the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS) Standard as a comprehensive guide to the regulation of healthcare data in Abu Dhabi.

HLB HAMT’s team of proficient IT Audit & Assessment experts will provide you with all necessary guidance to set or modify your operations to be in compliance with ADHICS norms. From advisory services, to perform basic groundwork needs, our team can hand hold you in the incorporation of government regulations in your company as well as assist you with all post-incorporation guidelines.

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    The compliance gives strict guidelines on how the privacy and security of patients’ data, in line with international standards, should be maintained by healthcare professionals. The main aim of ADHICS is to increase the level of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry and to align with various international healthcare compliance and information assurance standards.

    As an ADHICS compliance services and a risk assessment expert, our job is to aid you in collecting timely information from your clients, conducting a self-assessment of your current situation, identification of risks to your data security, provide awareness training for employees and reviewing the ADHICS Implementation progress periodically.   As a company, you will not receive penalties or fines because of filing incorrect information as we would be aiding you in collecting timely information from your clients after each stages of implementation.

    Why should you opt for ADHICS?

    We all know that healthcare industry is often extremely time-critical. An unstructured and scattered information security controls can lead to delay in delivering healthcare services to the needy. Also, In this day and age of digital technologies and connected healthcare equipment, the risk of data leakages and chances for phishing attacks are more. With a standard compliance, we can put all these information controls in check and curb any unwanted incidents. Any security threat should be neutralized prior and in case of an attack, the systems should ensure that the recovery time is minimal, with complying to ADHICS controls, you can be in line with legal and regulatory commitments.

    ADHICS standard is compatible with any IT systems or platforms which is owned by DOH licensed healthcare institutions. Moreover, the government-controlled IT applications and third-party systems utilized in the region including Malaffi, Shafafiya portal, Health Information Exchange platform, DoH e-Services, Medical Tourism portal, etc. can also be compatible with ADHICS standard, be it physical or digital data. Another important reason is that ADHICS compliance will be a mandatory checkpoint in your healthcare license renewal process. This is because the ADHICS standard is integrated into any health facility and audit programs in Abu Dhabi.


    Let me throw some light on the challenges faced by the team during ADHICS compliance integration and implementation processes. One of the major challenges is the over-dependence on legacy systems and processes that is subjected to serious security risks and threats. As a result, in many places, it was a challenge to bring in the best security practices. Another challenge was that the security was “owned” by multiple persons at the executive level. The IT/OT environment integration process was unstructured and not defined properly, resulting in difficulty to set up security controls.  To set up a single unified security control framework is a challenging task in large organizations especially with multiple specialty healthcare facilities. Moreover, there will be time constraints for us to complete the project as the government regulatory inspection will be just 30-40 days away!

    We provide the following services in ADHICS compliance


    The first step of our compliance service is to Identify Critical Assets & Business Services that is vulnerable to risks and attacks. Once that is done, the next step is to coin a Risk treatment plan. A comprehensive gap assessment is done assessing the threats and vulnerabilities exploiting the gaps which results in risks. We also help in identifying cybersecurity controls that can mellow down the risks. The current state is mapped to the ADHICS standard. After that phase, it is about developing the controls to counter the identified risks. A proper ADHICS risk treatment plan will provide guidelines for the implementation phase. We also help in a complete overhaul of your management and operational controls and aid you in conducting a self-assessment audit through a series of processes. We also provide awareness training programs for your employees on cybersecurity, risks, and other ADHICS related compliances.

    As your organization grow, it will be more difficult to identify the gaps and manage the risks associated with it. With the help of our collaborative, risk assessment-ready ADHICS compliance services, you can measure your organization’s readiness against ADHICS requirements.

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