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Ensure your business stays safe against digital threats with our fool-proof cybersecurity services

In this digital age, cyber security is essential. A company’s databases, digital assets, and other critical information must be stored on the network. An organization or company cannot afford to have its data compromised by external forces.

HLB HAMT is the leading cyber security service provider in the UAE, we help you sleep soundly at night by safeguarding your company’s data against hackers and digital predators. We have cutting-edge tools and technologies available to protect your data with proactive defense walls surrounding your system.

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    Your data is our responsibility

    Our services have to date not failed to meet clients’ expectations. We meet the requirements of their companies with a near-perfect success rate. We have talented working professionals at our service desks who work for you round the clock to enhance the security status of your databases.

    Our professionals are experts in identifying threats, assessing threat intelligence, building a multi-layered security wall, creating customized digital defences, and keeping our clients updated on the weekly or monthly security report.

    Our Cyber Security Services in the UAE

    Management of Security Operations

    We offer full-service business security management to keep your operations organized, streamlined, and safe from all external threats. Regarding the safety and security of our clients, our motto is “vigilance and diligence.” We provide 24×7 support through our Security Operations Center, as well as real-time defense against emerging threats, security system analytics, and security information and event management (SIEM).

    Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

    We strictly adhere to the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Advisory to ensure that all processes in your systems comply with the security codes. Working on the fundamental GRC framework and implementing it across all platforms of your system is our speciality. In addition, we are experts in data protection framework architecture as well as IT audits.

    Solutions for Offensive Security

    We identify and mitigate high-risk security vulnerabilities before they become threats in real time. To stay on top of breaches and hacking, we perform Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing regularly.

    Our other services include:

    • Assessment of Web and Wireless Security
    • Top-to-bottom IoT Security Management
    • Cloud Security Management
    • Secure Application Development

    Why Choose Our Cyber Security Solutions in UAE? 

    Not all cyber security companies in the UAE have the digital intuition to provide you with solutions that are second to none. Our work experience and reputation, as well as our services, speak for themselves.

    Our experts at HLB HAMT are dedicated to serving our clients first and foremost, to the best of our abilities. You don’t have to be concerned about your company’s cyber security with us on your team. It’s time to explain why we should be your choice for cyber security services in the UAE.

    Improved Automatic Intelligence 

    Few agencies will provide their clients with the necessary strategies and consultations to deal with AI developments and steps to turn them into a strength. However, we do. We provide your business with the most intelligent virtual workforce available. We use robotic process automation and their designs to improve the bots. We thoroughly examine each step around the clock to ensure that the process is streamlined throughout.

    Technical Core Strengthening

    Before going digital, businesses must establish a digital core, which requires the assistance of cyber security solutions in the UAE. Proper digital management is essential to the smooth operation of the business. The digital core includes the design and development of applications, core management systems, and databases, as well as their security. We have industry-standard, in-depth knowledge of IT and technical know-how, allowing us to excel in offensive digital security handling and counter-measure implementation.

    Trusted and Reliable Services

    Trust is crucial in entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to the value of your data and digital assets. You would not entrust someone to protect your company if you did not trust them to begin with. You can be confident because we have earned the trust of every client in the process of providing cyber security. So, you can also put your trust in us and give us a chance to protect your critical data and channels from unknown cyber threats. Unbreakable security should be used to create a secure vault for your important digital documents and media, and you can trust us to do so.

    It is critical to have your company’s cybersecurity in place. Nobody knows what the future holds or what threats they will face. Whatever good we see on the internet is only the tip of the iceberg; the worst of it is hidden and referred to as the dark web.

    We offer the following services

    Security Operations Management

    With dedicated end-to-end security management, we help businesses stay safe and resilient on their digital journey.

    • A security operations centre (SoC)
    • Real-Time Protection
    • Event and Security Data Management
    • Threat intelligence and security analytics

    Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

    Activate enterprise governance in your organisation to identify risks and ensure compliance.

    • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Consultation
    • GRC framework and platform implementation
    • Data Protection Framework Architecture
    • IT and security audits

    Development of Secure Applications

    Application development security to eliminate infiltration points in your digital systems

    • Testing for dynamic application security
    • Analysis of Static Code
    • Application security at runtime
    • Implementation of an application security platform

    Services for Offensive Security

    To protect your digital assets from external threats, you must capture and mitigate high-risk vulnerabilities.

    • Assessment of Vulnerabilities and Penetration Testing
    • A web and wireless security audit
    • IoT Security Management from Start to Finish
    • Assessment of Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Security

    Our Cyber Security Services in the UAE are among the best services that every company requires to protect itself from such threats. Get in touch with us for the best cybersecurity solutions.

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