ERP Product Selection in UAE

Enterprise Resource Planning software helps companies to streamline and automate their processes and help them create a leaner, accurate and efficient business operations.

At HLB HAMT, our expert ERP consultants will help you finalize a vendor that best fits your future state business process needs. We help your build strong and long-lasting relationship with your vendor partner for years to come. Apart from going through lot of processes which includes cross-checking the vendor’s presence and expertise in handling your industry’s problems and needs, their technology direction & support system and the overall cost of ownership. Based on all these factors, we can guide you through the vendor evaluation and ERP product selection process.

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    At HLB HAMT, we have helped numerous companies across all industries to acquire the right ERP package for their business and get them a good Return of their invested money on the same.

    A typical ERP will feature an array of functions, including:-

    ERP Product Selection in UAE

    Our Process

    Interview with Business users and Process owners to understand Requirements

    The first step for any product selection is an open discussion with all concerned business owners & process owners, including partners, directors, department heads, Chief Information Officer, Top management representatives, etc. These interview process will include, online meetings, face to face meetings and questionnaires. The process will also assess their current systems in place and identify the gaps.

    Requirement Analysis

    In this phase, the client lay out their wish to have features in an ERP package along with the industry best practices requirements & recommendations. This analysis will outline functional expectations of various departments of the company. The technical prerequisites are taken into consideration, such as technologies used, security levels, usability, customizability etc. along with commercial perquisites such as project plan, after-sales support, vendor credibility & presence, vendor experience & expertise etc.

    Business Requirement Document Preparation

    Once all requirement Is gathered, the next step is to create a process flow in line with requirements and assess the challenges that lay ahead. Business requirement documents are prepared to contain these details along with other reports.

    Product Selection Matrix Preparation and Presentation

    A product selection matrix is prepared to determine the weightage to be given to each feature, like which one should be mandatory and which one optional. This production selection matrix will give you an account for what all features you should like in while evaluating a product from a vendor.

    Vendor responses and Product Demo evaluation

    Usually, our clients themselves shortlist few vendors, before coming to us, in case they are in a dilemma, we help them shortlist and send RFP to few vendors. The list is even squared down to two or three vendors based on the RFP responses and they are then invited for giving a product demo presentation. After the presentation, weightages are given based on our pre-defined matrices, and pros & cons of each product are defined. Price negotiations are also conducted with the vendor. We will also do few background reference checks of the vendor from our side. Finally, the vendor is selected, and the implementation time frame is decided.

    Few other factors that contribute towards an ERP product selection include:-

    • Multi-location, Multi-branch support
    • Scalability & Flexibility
    • Robust Infrastructure
    • Ease of Use
    • Adaptable to Company’s Vision
    • Interfacing with other legacy systems
    • Centrally Controlled

    The need of selecting the right ERP for your Business

    What ERP brings is that complete visibility into your infrastructure and helps you in expanding your business to new horizons without adding additional resources. These days, there are umpteen ERP packages rolled out to suit each industry and company size. To drive business process improvement, a company need to select the right ERP for their business. You must ensure that the right digital solution is acquired that will fit in with your company vision and goals. Selecting the right ERP package becomes extremely important and there are many processes that is involved in the selection process. The quality of the ERP package has a big & long term impact in the working of an organization, it should be accepted by all employees alike and should not be complex and off-putting.

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