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SAP Business one is a highly affordable and easy-to-implement ERP solution, especially for Small & Medium Enterprises. Being closely associated with SAP, we can help you procure SAP B1 licenses and in the implementation of the same. We also help in integrating your SAP B1 with modern technologies like the Robotic Process Automation solutions. Our expert team of consultants can help you procure SAP B1 licenses and provide all necessary training and maintenance across various departments.

We provide SAP B1 License Procurement, integration, and deployment services. We are providing consultancy to companies of all sizes, helping them to understand their need for SAP, help with budgetary provisions, suggest areas of improvement.

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    SAP Business One Solution in Dubai

    Our team of SAP Business one consultants in Dubai can help you achieve success by helping you implement or maintain SAP B1 solution in your company. Complex company data structures and business insightful reports can be retrieved easily just on a few button clicks thereby increasing the efficiency of your company. As an enterprise-driven solution, SAB B1 is precisely designed to cover all business aspects of the SMEs, be it purchase, sales, CRM, accounting & finances, supply chain & inventory management, operations etc. All these aspects from your entire value chain can be integrated into one single module.

    SAP B1 provides a lot of industry-specific add-ons for various industries like Retail, HR, E-commerce, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc. We help in choosing the best possible Add-Ons and help in its maintenance and updates support. Along with it, our team can provide full-fledged training for your employees, clearing all their doubts by handholding them during the pre-Implementation phase. Our support team can help you resolve all your on-the-run issues, and we provide both on-site and off-site support. We also provide annual maintenance contracts related to SAP B1 support.

    Benefits of SAP B1 Solution

    If it comes to the ecosystem of third-party providers or the vast expansion of industry-oriented features, no other software can come anywhere near SAP Business one when it comes to scalability. It is a perfect tool that any SMEs want, as the solution is well equipped to meet any present or future business needs. The system is also very accommodating as it supports more than 500 users at any given point in time.

    Thanks to SAP B1, you will be able to receive powerful reporting and analytics tools by integrating across sales, operations, financials, inventory, etc. Through this, the management can get valuable insights into your most challenging areas this allowing and directing your employees to make better business decisions. The SAP B1 mobile app will provide you with much-needed mobility for your business, by receiving all business information at your fingertip. We have solutions suited for your business, be it on-premises solutions or the cloud-based one. The cloud-based solutions especially will help manage your business on the move.

    Industries catered and services offered

    At HLB HAMT, we have helped companies across many industries customize the SAP B1 solution and its add-ons according to their needs and wants. These industry-specific functionalities will help the business in many ways as process-specific modules are used.

    SAP B1 Solutions UAE

    If you are planning to implement SAP B1 or actively looking for a consultant, please drop us a mail! Our SAP B1 consultants will be in touch soon.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is SAP B1 available in multiple languages and countries?

      Yes, SAP Business One is available in 28 different languages with 50 different localized versions that support multiple currencies.

    2. Do you provide Annual Maintenance Contract?  

      We provide an Annual Maintenance contract for service for your organization. With our AMC Service, you can protect your Business and get a more tension-free Workflow.

    3. How long does it take to implement SAP Business One?

      It depends on the scope of work that our consultants finalize after learning about all of your requirements and needs. Based on our experience, the total time frame ranges between 2 and 8 months, but it can take longer depending on the project’s complexity and customization.

    4. Do you have Industry experience?

      Being closely associated with SAP, we have helped companies across industries procure SAP B1 licenses and have helped in the complete implementation of the same.

      Presently, we have clients across various industries like Retail, HR, E-commerce, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc. We help in choosing the best possible Add-Ons for these industries and also help in customizing the overall solution.

    5. Do you provide Dedicated onsite/offsite consultants services?

      Yes definitely, with our Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One (RSP), we provide onsite and offsite consultant services based on your requirements.

    6. What is the cost to implement SAP B1?  

      It will depend on your exact business requirements, your region of business, and the number of add-ons you choose. Our team can also re-organize the entire package for you by adding customized modules.

    7. Can we transfer our existing business data Export to Excel?

      You can export all the business data from a legacy system in the form of text files, spreadsheets, or even data entry. SAP B1 offers tools to make this migration simple. We also offer RPA-based solutions to automate the entire process seamlessly and hassle-free.

    8. What hosting types do you provide for SAP B1 solutions? 

      The implementation of SAP B1 happens usually as on-premise hosting or as cloud hosting. On-Premises is a little more expensive as it needs a server and the necessary infrastructure for its management. Cloud hosting is cheaper when compared to on-prem hosting.

    9. What types of User Licenses are available in SAP B1?

      Professional User, Limited Financial User, Limited CRM User, Limited Finance and Limited Logistics User are the four types of user licenses.

    10. Is Multi-Location support UAE Localization possible? 

      The multi-location feature of SAP Business One enables businesses to use a single company database to work with permitted data in each branch.

    11. Are intercompany transactions possible in SAPB1?

      Yes, a business transaction involving two organizational bodies. You may track and reconcile intercompany transaction information across accounts and custom dimensions using Financial Management.

    12. What is the mobile app for SAP Business One Service? 

      For mobile service professionals who offer on-site services to clients, the Service app simplifies task administration. The app’s features, allow the user to quickly and effectively evaluate, and address assigned service tickets, including mobile access to customer records, a bar-code scanner, speech-to-text functionality, and the option to place a sales order.

    13. What is workflow approval in SAPB1? 

      A SharePoint feature called an approval process sends a document or other item from a list or library to one or more people for approval or rejection. The workflow streamlines automate and standardizes the entire procedure.

    14. What is a dashboard in SAP? 

      SAP Business One Objects data visualization tool called SAP Dashboard is used to build interactive dashboards from various data sources. Dashboards enable BI developers to build unique dashboards from virtually any data source to satisfy an organization’s business needs.

    15. Does SAP Business One offer integration with third-party solutions?

      A reliable solution, SAP Business One, may be customized to meet your specific business needs. To fulfill industry-specific scenarios like e-commerce integrations, POS integrations, intercompany interfaces, bank integrations, etc., businesses can use HLB HAMT-created solutions that run on top of SAP Business One technology. We also help in integrating your SAP B1 with modern technologies like the Robotic Process Automation solutions.

    16. What are SAP Business One’s reporting and analytical capabilities?

      SAP Business One is well known for its robust analytics and reporting tools, which are fully integrated with SAP Crystal Reports and SAP HANA. The SAP Business One solution’s key strength is in gathering critical business information from multiple sources and generating real-time and accurate insights. To make data-driven decisions, you can also gain real-time access to predefined dashboards and reports.

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