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Being a cybersecurity consultant in UAE, we enable our clients to take a strategic approach towards cybersecurity, thus reducing risks associated with the same. We can help you align your security program to achieve specific business outcomes, by unlocking our full suite of strategy or technology service capabilities. We believe we have the in-house depth of information and has the required technical expertise related to both Information and Operational technologies to meet information security challenges.

At HLB HAMT, we have helped nearly 300 small, medium, and Large companies achieve foolproof cybersecurity mechanisms in their ecosystem. We serve companies across industries including Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Trading, Retail, Energy and government organizations.

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    Our team of CISOs and security experts help you solve your complex cybersecurity-related issues. It is extremely important to know what the best for your organizations is, how to leverage technology, areas of increasing efficiency, and above all how to keep your assets safe and secure from impending attacks. Our team functions at both strategic and tactical levels, combining technical competence with business communications & management, helping our clients understand the risks associated with cybersecurity.

    Cyber Security and Incident Response

    Serious cybersecurity attacks bring serious damage to organizations of all types and sizes. For a company, an attack like data breach will be followed by great repercussions and it can potentially create havoc among customers, employees and more importantly can do some serious damage to your brand value. Incident Response can be termed as a methodology that defines how to respond, manage and recover from a potential cyber-attack as quickly as possible. It is also important to study the attack in detail to be better prepared for the future.

    Our Approach towards a cybersecurity incident:

    Cyber Security Consultant UAE

    Cyber Forensic – Forensic and Fraud Investigation

    We at HLB HAMT assist our clients to quickly respond to all the data needs corresponding to investigations and disputes. Our expertise advice and support help our clients to understand their organizational data better.

    Our team of digital forensic investigation experts leads and supports incidents like fraud, information leakage, malware attacks, unauthorized access, fraudulent financial transactions, etc. The securing, documentation and total analysis of digital evidence from all your entire IT infrastructure makes up your digital forensic systems. This may include your mobiles, laptops, workstations, faxes, printers, servers, and your entire network systems.

    Among all the digital crimes, frauds are much more common. To gather evidence or back up a fraud allegation, standard computer forensic tools are used. The steps may include, searching and recovery of important company documents such as quotations, invoices, business order forms, databases etc. One of the major sources of information relating to fraud are E-Mails, as it can contain crucial evidence of contact between fraudulent accounts.

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