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If you’ve never heard of the term ‘secondment’, feel you are not alone. Despite its abstract nature, the concept is simple to grasp. Secondment means that employees are temporarily sent from one organization to another for a specific period of time, generally to complete a specific project. HLB HAMT’s accounting secondment team includes experienced employers who are well aware of the process which helps you save time, money and streamline the accounting and auditing process to obtain accurate reports for your business.

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    The period of accountant secondment ranges from one month to six months and also can be extended on mutual consent. It helps you to gain firsthand experience in a different sector, company, or work function so that you can fully comprehend what it entails. The original employer usually remains the official employer of the secondee, in an acknowledgement that they are ‘lending’ their employee to the other company.

    Secondments are based on two types:  Nature of Secondment & Time Involvement

    As per the nature of the secondment, it is divided into two parts:-

    Internal secondments
    Internal secondments are temporary deployments of an employee within the organization to another role for a specific purpose and for a period of time.

    External secondments
    External secondments are the temporary deployment of an employee to a sister company, or in a client’s or partner’s company.

    As per time involvement, it is divided into three parts:-

    Full-Time Basis
    When a secondee works entirely for the host, it is referred to as a full-time secondment.

    Part-Time Basis
    A part-time secondment occurs when a secondee works for both the seconder and the host at the same time due to scheduling conflicts.

    Job Share Basis
    A secondment and job sharing situation occurs when a secondee is transferred to a host for the purpose of performing a specific task.

    Accounting Secondment in Dubai

    Accountant secondment in Dubai is prepared to manage small and medium-sized businesses, big international corporations, and local family-owned businesses all have accounting, bookkeeping, and internal audit issues. The advantages of accountant secondment in Dubai are as follows:

    • Secondments are used by many big companies and organizations to manage employee numbers. They can shift people around to match them with the proper job responsibilities or to balance the workforce if one area is over-employed and another is underemployed.
    • Secondments may be used as part of a company’s employee retention strategy by companies that are aware of the unique opportunities secondments may provide. They also reflect favourably on both firms, which will develop a reputation as caring employers.
    • One of the major advantages of participating in a secondment is the variety of new talents you will acquire.
    • A secondment is an excellent networking opportunity. Your business might get many prospects from the new company which can be converted to leads, ultimately, to customers.
    • Employees can be kept motivated in a company through secondments by providing them with fresh experience and opportunities to develop new skills.
    • Firms understand that working within a client’s organization may help them gain commercial awareness and industry expertise, thus developing good business relationships in the long run.

    Accounting Services Outsourcing Dubai

    When correctly managed, accountant secondment in UAE, can be extremely beneficial to all concerned, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been a favorite corporate strategy throughout the current recession in the Gulf nations. When permanent recruiting is not feasible owing to cost or a lack of availability, it might provide much-needed flexibility for companies in the long run.

    Accountant secondment is a fantastic method to expand your training opportunities in UAE. HLB HAMT provides the right platform to make the most of your chances by researching your destination and networking with your peers.

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