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Emerging technologies and transforming business models are promoting a revolution in Technology functions, from supporting the company with technology to the higher, more strategic objective of maintaining and improving business value. Today, having strong IT practices is vital in ensuring the alignment of IT and business strategy and driving excellence through the IT infrastructure and the activities it supports.

HLB HAMT international IT consulting group assists CIOs and IT executives in the design and implementation of  enhanced IT governance, security, data management, applications, and compliance solutions. We address IT security and privacy challenges, as well as deploy complex and customized application and data management structures that not only solve problems but also add value to organizations. Technology will drive your future, and you can be certain that we will get you there.

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    Our IT consultants’ function in Abu Dhabi is not limited to delivering software or assisting you with installations; they also protect your company against cyber-attacks, which is important now.

    • Choosing the right ERP for your Business
    • Cloud-Based Solutions
    • Compliance Management
    • Handling Projects

    Choosing the right ERP for your Business

    HLB HAMT has been actively involved in the field of ERP implementation and consulting services for the past decade. We can offer optimum management solutions and ERP services to domestic and international enterprise users, including implementation, consultation, operation, and maintenance. We are one of the best ERP consultants in Abu Dhabi. Because of its consulting services, many businesses have come to HLB HAMT and have achieved their goals.

    We also provide round-the-clock technical support by using a seamless combination of extensive project knowledge and mature industry solutions. We serve users with the greatest ERP by Sage and Sap, and top-notch services in numerous key areas by following the principles of customer focus and quality via innovations.

    ERP system simplifies your business in Abu Dhabi

    Innovative solution: Businesses have a greater opportunity than ever before to meet the rising needs of their consumers and achieve operational excellence with our cutting-edge enterprise planning solution.

    Bring attention to yourself: To make an impact on the world, organizations need to be outfitted with powerful business tools. Any chance that comes your way must be allowed to pass you by. Use caution in your endeavour.

    A low-cost ERP system: ERP solutions are inexpensive, highly adaptable, and simply linked, and they allow businesses to outsource their IT expenses to third-party suppliers.

    Cloud-Based Solutions

    Gartner predicts that by 2021, more than 75% of midsize and large organizations will have implemented a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy. Public cloud services will be required for 90% of company innovation by 2022. Cloud strategy initiatives to connect cloud adoption with stated business targets, such as cost savings, flexibility, innovation, and the strategic use of the cloud for IT modernization and digital transformation, are on the rise.

    HLB HAMT Cloud Solutions offer a complete solution, from planning through migration, installation, and managed services. Our knowledge and skills in audit and security ensure that your cloud infrastructure is secure and well-managed. As a key cloud vendor partner, we collaborate with our partners to help you get the most out of your cloud environment.

    We collaborate with

    Our alliance alliances and full-service technology consulting skills provide our clients with several support benefits. We assist organizations in avoiding the danger of losing advantages to resellers that do not provide design, deployment, and support services that correspond with business requirements.

     Our Cloud Services Include

    Our services focus on the fundamental tasks necessary for a company to develop a robust, scalable, and supportable cloud platform. We assist enterprises in accelerating cloud solution adoption by allowing adaptability, minimizing uncertainty, and identifying the crucial path necessary to deliver solutions.

    Cloud Technology and Strategy: Our Cloud Strategy and Infrastructure approach is guided by a vision that is connected with business goals to integrate cloud solutions across the business, technology, risk, and people. Success is achieved by identifying essential goals and measurements ahead, and then employing measures to enhance performance throughout the path to realize returns.

    • Strategy, Readiness, and Evaluation
    • Governance and architecture
    • Advisory Selection of Tools
    • Rationalization of the Application

    Cloud Computing Applications: To assist our clients to realize meaningful business value, our Cloud Applications team delivers full design, development, and implementation services. We focus on the industry’s best cloud-based business applications and enterprise software solutions’ scalability, security, supportability, and user experience.

    • Planning and execution
    • Custom Software Development
    • Configuration of the Application
    • Services for Content

    Modernization of the Cloud: Through development, deployment, migration, application modernization, and continuing maintenance, a comprehensive Cloud Modernization methodology supports strategy and planning.

    • Agile Delivery and Execution
    • Deployment of a Governance Model
    • Integration and Deployment of PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, IoT, and Edge Services
    • Migration of Applications and Workflows
    • Automation and implementation of RPA

    Cloud Protection: Our Cloud Security services assist clients in understanding, managing, and actively managing the risks they encounter when conducting business in a secure cloud. We analyze, create, and execute security solutions to decrease exposure and convey effectiveness to management and executive-level stakeholders.

    • Governance and strategy
    • The Design of the Solution
    • Engineering Support
    • Automation and Operations

    Cloud BI

    For your cloud migration, HLB HAMT offers the highest degree of business analytics planning and BI Cloud Strategy. Effective business intelligence planning helps our clients to provide safe, compliant, and high-performing cloud operations with on-demand deployment choices and built-in flexibility for future development.

    Cloud Evaluations

    HLB HAMT Cloud Assessment allows you to assess your application infrastructure and understand your cloud transition maturity. During completion, you will be given a timeline that includes a cloud migration plan and associated ROI that you can use to develop your business case supporting your cloud strategy.

    IT Project Management Consultant in Abu Dhabi

    We are glad to introduce ourselves as Abu Dhabi IT project management consultants. HLB HAMT offers years of consulting experience with both hardware and software, whether it’s comprehensive IT infrastructure solution setup or business application implementation requirements. Project management expertise for hardware, software, networking, security, and cloud integration is part of our offering. We specialize in advising and aiding businesses in delivering efficient and successful IT solutions and services.

    The project management services we offer

    • IT Project Management: This incorporates help throughout the creation of an IT project; technical competence and management; requirements collection; third-party testing; and implementation assistance.
    • Establishment of PMO and EPMO: This includes services for establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) and an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) utilizing industry best practices.
    • Development of Project Management Methodologies (PMMs): This involves assisting organizations in developing their PMMs to generate a shared knowledge of the project lifecycle and identify roles and responsibilities.
    • Guidance and Training: This involves assisting firms in their efforts to thrive by developing and implementing project management training and mentoring programs.

    Compliance Management

    The companies must guarantee that they follow all international and Abu Dhabi Federal or Emirate legislation and requirements. Our experts at HLB HAMT assist our customers in being informed and well-compliant, and we have provided adequate guidance and assistance in this regard.

    The legal frameworks aim to secure key data infrastructure and ensure compliance with international or local cybersecurity rules. To reduce information security threats, organizations must ensure that their information assets are effectively secured and implement defence methods and procedures. Furthermore, with this compliance, the international and local governing authorities hope that enterprises will build a security awareness culture among their staff, preparing them to deal with and overcome security difficulties in the future.

    Compliances and Frameworks

    • Since 1984, ISO has been publishing global standards for businesses that aim to protect their data, improve quality, gain greater control, and ensure business continuity. It is considered one of the most widely used standards globally. HLB HAMT assists businesses in preparing for a variety of ISO certifications, including ISO/IEC 20000:2018 Certification for IT Service Management, ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management System, ISO 22301 Certification for Business Continuity, and ISO 31000 Certification for Risk Management.

    Before contacting the auditing authority for ISO certification, the firm must go through a series of modifications and demonstrate that the changes have been in place for at least six months. The occurrence of several non-conformities may cause problems in the auditing process.

    • The National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) is focused on preventing cyber threats. It is a collection of rules and guidelines that should be necessary for all government institutions in the UAE. NESA does not have a defined scope for applying, adopting, or implementing, but it does have 4 levels of monitoring stakeholder compliance across the company. The higher the risk level of a company, the more severe the regulators’ monitoring measures will be.
    • DIFC compliance assurance also includes several processes, extending from the identification of important assets to a comprehensive renovation of the management infrastructure. Similarly, with proper guidance and consultation, you may meet GDPR data security standards and legal regulations. GDPR imposes a large cost for a breach. Regarding COBIT-5, our qualified assessors can help you execute a process capability assessment in your firm, regardless of its size or whether it is in the public or private sector. Our ITGC services may be tailored to the demands of each of your stakeholders, whether they are investors, regulators, auditors, owners, or management, while also catering to the organization’s compliance requirements and risk appetite.

    IT Outsourcing and Co-sourcing in Abu Dhabi

    IT governance in Abu Dhabi offers a framework for aligning IT with business strategy, assuring the effective and efficient use of IT in helping a company to achieve its goals. IT governance is important to successful enterprise governance. Many businesses have a formal IT governance program in place that offers a foundation of best practices and controls.

    HLB HAMT saves you money by providing reliable, independent IT advice 24/7. We collaborate with customers to understand their technological constraints and requirements, develop a digital strategy, and explore possibilities to employ new technology tools. Our primary role is to direct, plan, and manage your company’s IT infrastructure and operations.

    Our Assistance

    • Network assistance: We are one of Abu Dhabi’s leading IT consulting firms, providing cost-effective and rapid IT infrastructure services.
    • Computer support: With our solid IT outsourcing services, we guarantee quick resolution of different hardware and software difficulties encountered by clients.
    • privacy support: With our top data security and IT outsourcing services in Bahrain, you can strengthen the security of your data storage and management system.
    • Assistance with web hosting: Improve the performance of your website with our outsourced IT web hosting assistance, which includes continuous monitoring, administration, and maintenance of your IT system.
    • server assistance: A skilled outsourced IT support provider, such as HLB HAMT, may assist you in reducing server downtime and thereby improving corporate performance.
    • Email for hosting assistance: To enhance your company’s communication, our IT outsourcing services also provide world-class email hosting at an affordable price in Bahrain.

    Why HLB HAMT?

    Our IT Consult Services in Abu Dhabi can assist you in achieving success by assisting you in implementing or maintaining an ERP solution in your company. For more assistance contact our Experts Today!

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