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Transactions involving share transfers, mergers and acquisitions are among the most complex and significant events that have game-changing effect on the life of a business. Evaluating a deal accurately and delivering the maximum value out of it requires experience, operational preparation and proper execution.

Transactions often fail as a result of poor or zero due diligence which leads to an inaccurate evaluation of the deal. Our business valuation and due diligence team at HLB HAMT helps entities determine the true value of their business and provide with the relevant details to navigate the transaction successfully.

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    Mergers and Acquisition

    The year 2021 witnessed a massive increase in mergers and acquisitions globally with the number of announced deals exceeding 62,000. The value from publicly disclosed deals was higher by 57 % than in 2020 and stood at a whopping US$5.1tn. Trends in 2022 are also following the same trends globally and regionally in the middle east.

    The probability of success in a business deal is dependent on various factors – and to ensure that you are proceeding in the right direction, the assistance of a consultancy specialized in various aspects of transaction advisory services is highly recommended.

    HLB HAMT helps clients by developing the right strategy and executing deals flawlessly, along with identifying issues and points of negotiation. We provide assistance to clients throughout the transaction life cycle.

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    Due Diligence

    Our team of auditors and analysts have carried out Due Diligence engagements across a wide range of sectors that include Manufacturing, Financial Services, Trading & Distribution, Oil & Gas, Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, Digital and Social Media among others.  Our team’s multi-disciplinary background and years of experience enable us to provide a clear picture of the transaction and safeguard companies against any potentially dangerous business acquisitions.

    We help our clients to:

    • Recognize issues related to transactions if any, which helps in resolving the matter quickly
    • Identify key risks and their possible impacts
    • Identify potential synergies
    • Effectively negotiate and get the best value from the transaction

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    Business Valuation

    Our business valuation team at HLB HAMT uses various methods to assess the value of a firm in an honest, impartial, and unbiased manner.  We take time and effort to understand the business model of the firm and arrive at a valuation that helps in fetching the maximum value.

    We use one or more among the below valuation methods or a combination of these to determine the value of a firm

    • Income Approach (Discounted Cash Flow Method)
    • Market Approach (Market comparable)
    • Asset Approach (Net Asset Value)

    Our business valuation studies are also accompanied by careful analysis of the client’s market segments, industry trends as well as specific factors that are pertinent to the entities that are being valued.

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    Sell-Side Advisory

    As seller of a business – whether in entirety or partially, it is in your interest to ensure that you can identify the right buyers and get the best possible terms and price for your business. Our sell-side advisory services ensure that you get the best possible value when entering into such a transaction.

    Our sell-side advisory services include buyer identification, business model analysis, historical financial analysis, financial modeling, value enhancement and negotiations.

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    Buy-Side Advisory

    When you are seeking to invest in a running business, it is important to ensure that you select the right target company, understand the company, its management, and its operational and financial health before making the decision to invest. Our team will work with you at all stages of this acquisition to ensure that your investments and interests are protected.

    Our buy-side advisory services include target identification, initial screening, visits and meetings, negotiations and SPA preparation.

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    Integration Advisory

    To complete a transaction and run an integrated organization successfully, the new enterprise should be suitably structured and governed so that it can maximize on the synergies that the transaction intended to have. Our team of business and organizational consultants will help you in assuring that this is achieved.

    Our integration advisory services include restructuring the entity, corporate governance, a delegation of authority, integration of systems, and policy integration.

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    Post-Transaction Support

    Even after a transaction is completed officially and documents are signed off, there is usually still a lot of groundwork to be done before the final tranche of settlements are completed. This involves multiple operational tasks that must be done by the operating and accounting teams of both entities. Our teams will work with your teams and ensure that these tasks are done properly to achieve a seamless transition.

    Our post-transaction support services include reconciliation of assets, reconciliation of liabilities, employee settlements, statutory commitments and assistance with cash and bank deposits.

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    Our transaction advisory team at HLB HAMT provide you the assurance of a smooth and seamless transaction experience – including Due Diligence, Valuation and other related services. If you are looking for transaction advisory services in UAE, contact us.


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