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In an era where information is abundant and vital, HLB HAMT’s Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services serve as your trusted compass. Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you on a transformative journey that leverages the power of Power BI services, data analytics, and business intelligence.

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    Experience the difference as we propel your business forward with innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

    Business Intelligence Services

    At HLB HAMT, we go beyond conventional analytics. Our comprehensive BI services empower you with a strategic advantage, offering:

    • Managed Services for Seamless Operations

      Confidently navigate the complex landscape of daily activity, deployment monitoring, and enterprise analytics. Our managed services streamline workflows, ensuring operational efficiencies, cost management, and expert guidance. We provide a clear path to excellence, guided by customer-centric operating procedures and meticulous documentation.

    • Start Smart with Power BI

      Upgrade your spreadsheets intelligently. Retain the familiarity of Excel while tapping into the visualization prowess of Power BI. Transform data manipulation into automated insights and gain a competitive edge.

    • Data Freshness, Simplified

      Stay connected and informed with Power BI’s automated data refresh. No more waiting to access real-time updates from internal and external sources, enabling timely decision-making.

    • Drill Down for Deeper Understanding

      Our intuitive dashboards and data visualizations allow you to dive deeper into your data. Quickly pinpoint root causes, seize opportunities, and fine-tune your approach.

    • The Power of Conversational Insights

      Experience the future of search with Power BI’s intelligent function. Type a question and receive answers conversationally–how the search should be.

    • Anytime, Anywhere Access

      Access your insights whenever and wherever you are. Power BI’s native Windows desktop, iOS, and Android apps ensure interactive visualizations and real-time alerts at your fingertips.

    • Stay Ahead with Proactive Alerts

      Empower yourself with user-defined alerts tailored through Power BI automation and delivered to multiple devices. Be in control, setting parameters and thresholds that matter to you.

    Dominate Your Industry with Tailored Solutions

    Financial Analytics

    • Oversee a company’s income, expenses, and overall profitability.
    • Analyze profitability and manage financial performance.
    • Create budgets and develop long-term business strategies.
    • Forecast and manage financial risks.

    Customer Analytics

    • Utilize predictive modelling to analyze customer behaviour.
    • Tailor sales and marketing campaigns through customer segmentation.
    • Enhance customer lifetime value with personalized cross-selling and upselling offers.
    • Predict and manage customer attrition and turnover risk.
    • Analyze and interpret customer sentiment.

    Sales and Product Analytics

    • Conduct analytics for sales channels.
    • Leverage pricing analytics to shape pricing strategies.
    • Predict and identify sales trends.
    • Perform a comprehensive product performance analysis.
    • Identify pain points contributing to customer churn by tracking interactions with products.

    Asset Analytics

    • Monitor and track assets in real-time.
    • Develop strategies to prevent and predict asset maintenance.
    • Plan investments in assets effectively.
    • Utilize asset usage analytics to schedule asset modernization, replacement, and disposal strategically.

    HR Analytics

    • Monitor and analyze employee and department performance.
    • Evaluate employee experience and satisfaction.
    • Manage and optimize employee loyalty strategies.
    • Analyze and refine employee hiring strategies.
    • Scrutinize labour costs for efficiency improvements.

    Supply Chain Analytics

    • Evaluate supplier performance.
    • Determine optimal inventory levels to meet demand and prevent stockouts. Efficiently manage inventory planning.

    Retail Analytics

    • Analyze retail business performance, including monitoring sales and profitability.
    • Optimize multi-echelon inventory levels.
    • Offer data-driven recommendations for optimal product promotion activities.

    Why Choose HLB HAMT?

    • Expertise: In data analytics and data science.
    • BI Pioneers: Specializations in business intelligence analysis and reporting and data warehousing.
    • Cutting-Edge Competencies: Proficiency in RPA, AI, and data science.
    • Certified Excellence: ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified for quality and data security.

    Our Expertise

    • Azure BI: Harnessing the power of Azure for data-driven insights.
    • Cloud Management: Navigating the complexities of cloud environments to amplify your capabilities.
    • SAP Analytics: Leveraging SAP to unlock transformative insights.
    • Data Quality and Information Management: Ensuring your data is comprehensive and of the utmost accuracy and quality.

    Our Distinctive Approach

    • Guiding your journey towards success is our unwavering commitment. We understand your unique needs, aspirations, and challenges, allowing us to respond with tailored solutions that resonate with your vision.
    • By collaborating with us, your business is embraced by a higher echelon of support for analytical workflows. Our dynamic team of experts, proficient in Microsoft platforms, SAP, and Oracle Analytical product lines and their associated technologies, ensure your path to success is illuminated with precision and expertise.
    • We take ownership of resolving assigned incidents, standing as your advocate throughout the process. When the need arises, we seamlessly orchestrate the efforts of local support teams and vendors. From initial implementation to round-the-clock support, our seasoned engineers swiftly decipher the intricacies of your intricate BI environment, ensuring a seamless journey.

    Experience the power of BI Consulting Services and pave the way for a brighter future. Your next level of success awaits – click below to get started!

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    Our Audit services

    We are registered auditors in UAE



    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I begin my journey into data analytics?

      We recommend starting with a data discovery workshop to begin your data analytics journey. This workshop allows us to assess your data’s quantity, quality, and storage and understand the critical business questions you aim to answer. Collaborate with our team of data scientists who excel in outsourced analytics projects. We offer consultancy, proof of concepts, visualization development, and Power BI Dashboards, and we can augment your in-house technical team with additional skill sets.

    2. Are Dashboards the optimal starting point for analytics?

      Yes, in most cases. Most of our clients initiate their analytics journey by creating dashboards, often using tools like Microsoft Power BI. Dashboards provide visualizations and correlation plots, aiding stakeholders in comprehending captured data and identifying gaps for improvement. They also lay a strong foundation for progressing to predictive analytics.

    3. How long does it take to develop a Power BI dashboard?

      The time and costs associated with creating a Power BI dashboard depend on your specific requirements. For a straightforward dashboard with up-to-date and accessible data sources, the process can take around five days. Complex dashboards pulling data from various sources naturally require more time. After completion, training is offered to empower your team to use and modify the dashboard visuals effectively.

    4. Can you outline the stages of a typical data analytics project?

      Generally, we adhere to 6 key steps, although these may vary depending on the nature of your business questions and available data. These steps include:

      • Problem Definition
      • Data Exploration
      • Data Preparation
      • Modelling
      • Validation
      • Implementation and Tracking
    5. Why is data analytics of utmost importance?

      Data analytics transcends numerical presentations about exploration, understanding, and actionable insights. It uncovers patterns and trends that may remain concealed, aiding in informed business decisions. Data scientists transform raw data into invaluable information that guides strategic actions.

    6. What attributes contribute to a successful analytics project?

      A successful analytics project requires a data-driven culture, adequate data, time for testing and learning, and a clear understanding of your objectives. It involves in-depth data recording, analysis, dissection, and presentation of findings through user-friendly visual formats.

    7. How much data is necessary for effective analytics?

      There’s no definitive answer to this question. Data serves as the cornerstone of any analytics endeavour. To determine data adequacy and quality, we recommend a data discovery workshop, where we assess your data holdings, storage, and essential business inquiries.

    8. What are the primary phases of the analytics process?

      Analytics typically undergo four phases based on workflow and analysis requirements: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive.

    9. What is the cost associated with data analytics?

      Data analytics involves building a data culture and is a strategic, long-term decision. The investment varies based on your needs. Most clients start with a proof of concept, which takes about 2 – 3 weeks. If results are promising, they often progress to comprehensive projects. Project costs depend on the scope and can be charged on a time and materials basis or as part of a service plan.

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