Outsourced Internal Audits in Dubai

Internal auditing requires a diverse set of abilities in order to be efficient and thorough. Companies outsource internal audits in Dubai to third-party internal audit service providers in order to meet their specific requirements. HLB HAMT has a multi-skilled team of auditors who provide best internal audit services in UAE, under the direction of the Audit Manager and Director, cover all aspects of the business in accordance with the approved audit plan.

Internal audit, as a third line of defence in an organization’s governance and operations, can play a critical role in assisting organizations in achieving their strategic objectives in a complex and rapidly changing business environment. Organizations that effectively employ internal audits are well-positioned to identify developing business risks and operational inefficiencies, implement corrective actions, and enhance business processes on a continuous basis.

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    Benefits of Outsourcing Internal Audit in Dubai

    Let’s look at the benefits of outsourcing internal audit service in Dubai;


    Compliance with set standards
    An independent internal auditor conducts a thorough study of a company’s organizational and administrative processes on behalf of their clients. Internal auditing firms in UAE are well-versed in and aware of the rules and directives prevailing in the country.


    Developing Benchmarks
    An independent auditor in Dubai can assist in the creation of benchmarks that will aid management and employees in the advancement of their company’s operations. By maintaining and adhering to established procedures, the benchmarks provide consistent execution across the company and helps in revenue growth.


    Costs and Time are reduced
    Outsourcing allows organizations to cut expenses while allowing staff to focus on their core strengths.


    Unbiased Appraisal
    An unbiased appraisal related to the company’s industry of operation is provided by an independent internal audit review. This unbiased assessment enables new ideas to be presented in order to increase operational performance, strengthen internal controls, and reduce risk.


    Ability to assist businesses with specific issues
    Outsourcing internal audit function helps in providing a better understanding of both industry-specific and general concerns. Independent internal auditors have an advantage in analyzing and addressing concerns since they have worked for a variety of firms.


    Adds Value and Accountability
    Internal auditing adds value to governing bodies and senior management as an impartial source of independent counsel because of its dedication to integrity and accountability.


    Examines Risk Management process
    Internal audits helps in identifying major risks and making recommendations for risk mitigation or transfer. They assess the organization’s risk management systems and ensure that they are operating properly.


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