Internal Audit Co-sourcing in Dubai

Our co-sourced Internal Audit (IA) solutions are designed to help firms enhance internal audit quality and oversight, increase value while lowering costs, improve risk and control management, and focus on core capabilities.

HLB HAMT, as a leading internal audit firm in the UAE with teams in Dubai and Abu Dhabi among other emirates, offers a risk-based strategy that focuses on your goals and helps you tackle the roadblocks that come in your audit process.

We proactively collaborate with your Internal Audit department and provide them the required assistance.

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    Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services UAE

    A considerable investment in skilled resources, techniques, training, and technological infrastructure is required to achieve successful IA capabilities. Internal audit co-sourcing enables your firm to monitor critical risk areas within the organization, without much cost and it provides higher levels of assurance that the risk areas are being monitored efficiently and objectively.

    Finding professionals with high expertise to augment your competent in-house internal audit team is a key necessity. It might help you think about the extra benefits you can expect from working with outside contractors.

    The following are some of the advantages of opting for internal audit co-sourcing:

    Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services


    Gain objective and Independent Insights

    Internal audit co-sourcing allows a company to offer fresh information and a fresh viewpoint, as well as the competence to make recommendations when discrepancies and other concerns are identified.

    Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services


    Optimize your Costs

    By providing our specialized auditors on a rotational basis across multiple functions under the leadership of your Internal Audit Head, we ensure that you are able to effectively address risks across multiple functions without the need to hire specialists in multiple areas.

    Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services


    Improve Business Operations

    Hiring an internal auditing specialist or a team of internal auditing professionals that offer an organized approach can assist in completing a project within the specified time limit.

    Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services


    Investigate the components of Risk Assessment

    Given the internal audit information at hand, an independent audit specialist with risk assessment skills can peek at financial, operational, and industry issues outside of your company to assist identify how they could influence your firm.


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