Robotic Process Automation in UAE

With the rapid growth in business tools and applications, capturing and interpreting disparate data streams have become a challenging task indeed. To tackle the issue and to cope with the technological growth, organizations are finding ways to manage and direct multiple systems towards a unified corporate goal and for this, they have started using robotic process automation (RPA) tool as the preferred Solution

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    RPA implementation in UAE

    The success of RPA implementation is dependent on numerous factors. A deep understanding of the business processes, the organization’s long-term goals and their suitability for automation is a must. The RPA solution or platform must be selected giving priority to these factors. Also, the IT consultants and top-level executives must be involved in the planning process, which will help address governance and infrastructure issues, if any.

    Even though RPA can help businesses in numerous ways, by handling high-volume, repetitive tasks, not all implementation results in success. Many projects fail because of lack of user adoption. Our IT consultants in Dubai, UAE can help you implement an effective RPA program and assist with user adoption. Our services include;

    We offer RPA service across diverse sectors in UAE


    Developing RPA Strategy
    Analyze the specific objectives, governance, IT infrastructure, security, culture and change management protocols of an organization and develop an RPA strategy accordingly.

    Process Evaluation
    Identify and assess the various processes that are apt for automation and also support the standardization of these processes.

    Infrastructure Validation
    Analyze the readiness of IT infrastructure and data structure and check whether the automation-software options are appropriate.

    BOT Development
    Create, test and deploy RPA bots that can manage more challenging tasks and help the company achieve targeted benefits.

    Training and Change Management
    Provide training sessions for end-users and administrators and help them cope with the operational and organizational impacts of automation.

    Center of Excellence (COE) Design
    Create a COE design and related governance model to enable a steady and administered RPA function.

    Operate and Maintain
    Provide constant administrative support of RPA activities and implementation of the COE and help in maintaining and handling bots.

    Proof of Concept
    Carry out pilot execution of RPA offerings and create business case required to attain stakeholder buy-in and support.

    Our RPA specialists will assist you to successfully navigate the automation journey and bring more power to your digital transformation strategy.

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