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    • A company that was into large scale catering was finding it difficult to assess their employee adequacy
    • The senior management believed that there was excess manpower – yet, managers and employees on the ground perceived a manpower shortage
    • There were also consistently high overtime payouts

    Work done and Impact

    • Using primary and secondary sources, we obtained relevant industry data on Employee to Customer ratios across similar companies
    • We analyzed the overtime costs and staff requests at department level, and found that major issues were in the Kitchen
    • Our consultants carried out a Time and Motion study, covering all shifts of the kitchen for a period of 4 days and analyzed areas of high staff requirement
    • We found that there were no major instances of slackness among employees
    • However, on further analysis, we were able to pin-point certain specific items in the menus offered that were very high on cooking / preparation time
    • We checked the criticality of these menu items to customer requirements with the concerned operating teams. With their feedback, we concluded that by changing some specific menu items, we could reduce the cooking time and hence staff workload and overtime significantly

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