VAT Return Filing & Compliance

It’s imperative that all entities in UAE should have VAT compliance and should follow the rules and regulations which include maintenance of books of accounts, software and other mandatory procedures. The procedure for VAT return file in UAE comprise of transaction verification, compliance on record keeping and compliance on VAT return filing in Dubai, UAE.

Transaction verification includes reviewing and verifying VAT related transactions recorded by the entity during the tax period to ensure that correct VAT amount is charged on sales as Output tax, and that VAT charged by the supplier is correctly claimed/accounted.

Random verification of VAT transactions are done to confirm that the selected transactions fulfill compliances as per the provisions of VAT Laws.

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    VAT return filing procedures

    • Compliance on Record Keeping:

    Random review of document maintenance by the entity as per the guidelines provided by the Federal Tax Authority in United Arab Emirates to ensure that compliance is adhered with.

    • Compliance on VAT Return Filing in UAE:

    Preparing VAT Return as per the regulations issued by the Federal Tax Authorities, in the prescribed format. Such return shall be prepared based on accounting records maintained by the entity.

    Aiding and advising on file VAT return in UAE with Federal Tax Authority (FTA). This would primarily be a formal submission from the entity at the prescribed portal issued by the Federal Tax Authority.


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