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Starting January 1, 2018, the UAE government has applied VAT on the supply of taxable goods and services. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) can audit firms that are obligated to pay taxes to evaluate their tax compliance. VAT audit services in the UAE by HLB HAMT can assist in discovering and disclosing any key flaws in the VAT environment, such as transaction verification.

Our VAT audit services in Dubai, UAE, will result in a thorough and critical examination of the entity’s VAT accounting and return filing in accordance with the Federal Tax Authority’s guidance note on document management, tax collection, payment, and input tax claim, among other things. Following that, a report is published for future reference by the organization, depending on the agreed-upon processes.

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    Vat Audit in UAE

    A VAT audit is essentially the government’s examination of a company’s taxable entity duty. The FTA conducts this type of audit to guarantee that all liabilities are fulfilled and all taxes due are collected and remitted to the government within the period specified.

    VAT Audit Procedure

    The FTA has entrusted officials with the task of performing a tax audit in the UAE. During a tax audit in the UAE, tax auditors from the FTA will examine tax returns and any necessary details. According to the Tax Procedures Law, the FTA can conduct a tax audit at any moment for any cause.

    The tax process legislation mandates that the corporation, its legal advisors, and tax agents in Dubai, UAE, offer the FTA tax auditors with all available help. If the tax auditors discover any anomalies or questionable facts during the audit, they might request a re-audit. Companies can consult the assistance of registered tax agents in Dubai, UAE, to guarantee compliance.

    Documents required for VAT Audit

    • All receipted tax credit notes and documentations
    • All tax invoices and documentation that have been issued.
    • Records of purchases of goods and services for which the input tax was not deducted.
    • Export records of goods and services.
    • Accounts or tax invoices that have had modifications or corrections made to them.
    • Details of imported goods, as well as customs declarations and invoices from suppliers
    • All supplies and imports must be documented.
    • Tax invoices and other papers pertaining to the receipt of goods and services

    Factors to consider during VAT Audit

    During a VAT audit in the UAE, taxable enterprises must comprehend the primary components that go unnoticed by the FTA. The below-mentioned points consist of items that are examined during an audit in the United Arab Emirates:

    • Evaluation of VAT Returns
      The vat auditor will compare the filed VAT returns to the accounting records to ensure that the records and VAT returns are accurate.
    • Evaluation of Input Tax
      In the event of a tax audit in the UAE, the input tax is scrutinized to see if blocked inputs or non-recoverable tax are claimed or not.
    • Evaluation of Output Taxes
      The UAE tax auditors also make sure that zero-rated, exempted, and standard-rated taxes are computed correctly in accordance with UAE tax legislation.
    • Accounting System & Software
      To guarantee compliance with the UAE VAT Law, taxable businesses must utilize correct accounting software. Accounting software that is up to date can assist businesses in reducing potential mistakes and anomalies while completing VAT returns in the UAE.

    Collaborate with HLB HAMT

    In the UAE, the FTA performs tax checks to ensure that tax registrants are following the VAT Law, Excise Tax Law, and other tax rules. Because the FTA conducts the tax audit, companies must enlist the expertise of a reputable VAT advisory firm and registered tax agent in Dubai, such as HLB HAMT, to prepare for the audit.

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