VAT Audit Services

VAT Audit, due diligence or Health Checks are a complete review of the organization’s overall VAT readiness and compliance procedures. The review identifies and communicates any major deficiencies in the VAT milieu, including transaction checking. With the help of these reviews, the organization can validate their VAT treatments for proper accountability in business transactions, while also ensuring the accuracy of the information reported to the Federal Tax Authority. This also leads to the elimination of any double-payment of Value Added Tax, or the possibility of undercharging the end-user, further benefiting the organization.

VAT Audit, Due diligence or Health Check Services uncomplicates the identification of transaction flow and assists in authenticating the financial records of the company.

HLB HAMT promises a thorough and critical evaluation

Our VAT review will result in a thorough and critical evaluation of the VAT accounting and return filing by the entity in line with the guidance note issued by the Federal Tax Authority on document maintenance, tax collection, payment, input tax claim etc. A subsequent report is issued based on the agreed-upon procedures as per the international standards, for future reference by the organization.


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