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September 14, 2022

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    Ep 06 :- UAE Corporate Tax – Key Matters & Important updates in June 2023

    In this episode, HLB HAMT’s Tax experts, Mr. Jaya krishnan (Tax & Compliance Partner) and Mr. Girish Nair (Tax Manager) have an insightful discussion on UAE Corporate Tax updates, focusing on key matters and sharing important Updates.

    Ep 05 :- How to implement a 100% Tax Compliant Framework?

    In this episode, HLB HAMT’s Tax expert, Mr. Girish Nair speaks on how client’s can achieve 100% tax compliance by maintaining books of accounts based on license, acceptable accounting standards, Arm’s length principle, Transactional Provision and reconfiguring Chart of Accounts in Accounting Systems.

    Ep 04 :- Transfer Pricing Leader | Jayakrishnan & Girish Nair | TP Podcasts UAE

    In this episode” Meet our Global Transfer Pricing Leader – Part 01″ features our experts Mr. Jayakrishnan (Tax & Compliance Partner) and Mr. Girish Nair (Tax Manager) having an insightful discussion with Mr. Carlos Camacho (Global Transfer Pricing Leader, HLB International) regarding the implementation of transfer pricing regulations in the UAE.

    Ep 03 :- UAE Corporate Tax Introduction Part 2

    Our Part 2 podcast has experts who explain some of the fundamental topics, including tax losses, tax groups, competition and administrative elements of corporate tax, impact assessment, and other relevant FAQs in accordance with the proposed UAE corporate tax regulations.

    Ep 02 :- UAE Corporate Tax Introduction Part 1

    A vital phase adopted by the UAE throughout the years is the implementation of corporate tax, which will go into effect in June 2023 as a part of embracing global openness principles and practices.

    Let’s listen to our insightful and information-sharing podcast on the introduction to UAE corporate tax, Part 1, in which our experts discuss some of the critical topics about corporate tax and examine the most recent developments on corporate tax in the UAE.

    EP 01 – Top Non-Compliances identified during FTA VAT Audit in UAE

    HLB Talks tax helps tax leaders stay up to date with changes in UAE’s tax laws and regulations. Lead by HLB HAMT’s Tax Partner Mr. Jay Krishnan, this podcast breaks down various tax concepts and issues to help growing businesses stay compliant in the UAE.

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