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Our team offers clients innovative and effective solutions in Business Strategy. We engage with clients right from the early stages where they co-create clients’ Vision and Strategies, put in place the right structure and environment to implement the strategy and then work with client teams to achieve and implement changes.

HLB HAMT, a renowned strategy consulting firm in Dubai, defines a strategy that is realistic and aligned to their organizational circumstances, investment capabilities, risk appetites etc. While supporting clients in strategic aspects, one of our primary tasks is to help them to define their business vision and strategic objectives. This is followed by Organizational Structure Design & Development.  The final activity that truly determines effectiveness of a strategic initiative is the way that it is communicated down the line in the organization.

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    Our business strategy consulting approach

    • Business Strategy

      HLB HAMT is a business strategy consultant in UAE. While supporting our clients in strategic aspects, one of our primary tasks is to help them to define their business vision and strategic objectives. While the vision and values of organizations are largely expected to be unchanged over their life period, the strategies deployed will often need to be redefined and updated based on changes in business circumstances. To ensure that the right business strategies are deployed, we study the company, their industry, competitors and customers closely. This is done by a combination of external research and interactions with personnel from the client organization. This approach enables us to obtain a more complete understanding of clients’ business environments and their current and future business coordinates.

    • Organizational Structure Design & Development

      No strategic plan, regardless of how well it has been developed, is of any use unless the right steps are taken to implement it. And the first step in implementing a plan is getting the correct organizational structure in place. Our consultants work closely with the senior management team of client organizations to create the right structure that is capable of supporting the plans. This activity includes evaluating the existing structure for its effectiveness and determining areas of change. Activities could involve creating a new structure, and subsequently defining roles, responsibilities and authority levels across various positions.

    • Transformation & Change Management

      To ensure that strategies are effectively implemented on the ground, our consultants support organizations in their transformation and change management programs. This involves extensive training and hand-holding sessions with employees at different levels in order to enable them to implement the new strategy, structure and way of working.


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