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Computing VAT is a time-consuming and tedious operation that requires the consolidation of all taxable supplies and exports for the period. For businesses with hardly any expertise, completing a VAT return filing in UAE is quite challenging. The contents must also be submitted in a certain structure as per FTA, which adds to the difficulty. As a result, all types of qualified businesses should seek the help of experienced firms for VAT return filing services in the UAE.

HLB HAMT’s seasoned VAT consultants will handle your VAT return filing services in the UAE. We will address many VAT matters as an approved VAT agent lowers the load on your firm while giving business owners complete authority.

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    How to file VAT Returns in UAE?

    • Submission of required documents
    • Document examination
    • Evaluation of any discrepancies
    • Review for remedial actions
    • The VAT return has been filed
    • Follow-ups should be conducted regularly

    The Importance of VAT returns filing in UAE

    The official tax statement that a registered firm must send to the Federal Tax Authority before the due date is known as the VAT Return filing. It must be completed by the taxable person on a frequent basis in accordance with his or her tax period. VAT return filing not only serves as a confirmation of your business’s operations, but it may also protect your company by offering legal certainty and benefits during the tax payment process, preventing loss of revenue.

    Validation of VAT Checks & Planning

    Regular inspections and following VAT adherence may be quite advantageous in a lot of formats. This will guarantee that you do not get any unpaid tax obligations from the VAT officials, as well as that your business remains compliant with all standards and procedures. We can present you with the guarantee and services listed below.

    • Deliver detailed VAT planning guidance and provide relevant corrective recommendations
    • Compilation of management reports in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines
    • Address any areas of concern or vulnerability in your control procedures and systems as fast as possible
    • Assess whether there are any legal solutions to lower your overall VAT liability
    • Evaluate which activities may not have been fully accounted for or documented

    Penalties for Failure to Submit and Pay VAT Returns in UAE


    If you did not file your VAT return on time


    If you have not paid your VAT by the due date

    • AED 1000 FOR 1st-time delay
    • AED 2000 – In case of repetitive noncompliance within 24 months
    • 2% at once on the next day after the deadline for payment of any unpaid tax.
    •  Thereafter, unpaid tax is charged at a rate of 4% every month till the payment of tax.
    • A penalty of up to 300 per cent is applied on any sum that is still outstanding one calendar month beyond the payment window.


    Seven Common Mistakes While VAT Return Filing in UAE

    1. Inability to Take in Account the Reverse Charge Mechanism
    2. Using adjustment columns incorrectly
    3. Records aren’t being kept up to date.
    4. VAT computation faults
    5. VAT compliance is limited by the lack of effective tactics and preparation.
    6. Neglect zero-rated and exempted sales
    7. Claiming input credit on blocked and disallowed expenses
    8. Erroneous reporting of standard-rated sales as zero-rated and vice versa

    VAT201 – VAT Return

    The submission of a UAE VAT return process should be performed online via FTA’s website. The FTA does not permit any offline VAT return filing in the UAE at this time. Businesses that have qualified for VAT in the UAE must use the VAT 201 form to file the return. When tax period is up, all VAT registrants can utilize the VAT 201 form. Tax returns will be filed on behalf of taxable individuals by certified tax agents in Dubai. Vat registrants must verify the VAT 201 form after entering the FTA site.

    How can HLB HAMT assist you with filing your VAT return in UAE?

    HLB HAMT VAT returns filing services in Dubai and the UAE are customized to our client’s necessities. We comprehend your company interactions, maintain openness throughout all operations, reduce your costs, and maximize your revenue through streamlined tax practices.

    HLB HAMT offers:

    • Fulfilling tax compliance
    • Executing legal activities
    • Advice and help for filing a VAT return
    • Filing and submitting the VAT return
    • Interacting with the Tax Authority after the Penalty
    • Error-Free VAT filing with proper accounting records

    Frequently Asked Questions – VAT Return Filing in UAE

    1. How do you file a VAT return in the United Arab Emirates?

      The VAT return for the United Arab Emirates must be submitted online. VAT tax returns must be prepared in the approved format and submitted online to the FTA website by registered businesses.

    2. When should you file your VAT returns in UAE?

      VAT returns should be submitted to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on a regular basis by UAE taxpayers. Returns must be filed within 28 days of the end of the tax period, following the processes outlined in the VAT regulations.

    3. Is there any specific structure for submitting a VAT return in UAE?

      Yes, the value-added tax return structure has been established by the competent body. The registrant must submit thorough information in this manner.

    4. What is meant by VAT grouping?

      Businesses that meet specific legislative conditions (being owned by the same individual and based in the same GCC nation) will be allowed to enroll as a VAT group. VAT grouping will be a beneficial tool for some organizations to ease VAT accounting.

    5. When input tax exceeds output tax, how can a registered taxpayer make changes to VAT return and file it?

      This will lead in a refundable value-added tax, which can be carried forward to the following value-added tax return period or demand a refund under the aforementioned situations.

    6. Does the taxpayer have to mention the specifics of emirate-level supplies in a VAT return?

      Yes, supplies made in other emirates must be indicated on the VAT return form.

    7. What will happen if you don’t file your VAT return in UAE?

      Failure to submit a VAT return may result in a tax assessment, as well as regulatory fines.

    8. Is it possible to file a physical VAT return?

      Only online submissions of VAT returns will be allowed.

    9. Is it necessary for each registered firm in the UAE to file a VAT return?

      Yes, all registered businesses are required to file a VAT return.

    10. When will the registrant get any refunds requested?

      If you are qualified for a tax refund, the FTA will notify you inside 20 working days whether your refund application has been approved or denied. The FTA may advise you that additional time is necessary in certain unusual cases.

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