UAE Tax Residency Certificate – Eligibility Criteria

The administration of the United Arab Emirates has taken several measures to embrace and attract international visitors. The country has committed sophisticated technology to construct an excellent facility and has worked hard to provide top notch infrastructure for those who visit. If you’re a foreign person, there are some eligibility criteria to acquire a UAE tax residence certificate in Dubai.

HLB HAMT can help you obtain a tax certificate in the United Arab Emirates. Our experienced team will make your task easy by obtaining the necessary documentation and certificates so that the TRC procedures can be completed on schedule.

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    Eligibility Criteria For UAE Tax Residency Certificate

    To be eligible for a DTA, a person must normally present a TRC to show that they are a resident of another nation who is subject to tax in that country. Let’s take a quick rundown of the eligibility criteria for a UAE tax residency certificate.

    Natural Persons: The candidate must have lived in the UAE for a minimum of 180 days before applying. A yearly leasing agreement must also be submitted with the application, which must be formally certified by appropriate agencies such as EJARI in Dubai, municipalities in other Emirates, and free zone authorities.

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    Legal Persons: A legal person really must be incorporated for at least one year before applying for a TRC. The financial report must be audited or generated by a qualified audit company and sent to the submission together with other relevant papers. The auditing company must certify and mark the report. The audited financial report that goes with the submission must include the year wherein the certificate is being asked for. The audit report must cover the previous year if the certificate is being obtained for the current year.

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    Business operations in the UAE are now increasing worldwide trade relations; however, they get problematic once involved in the tax structure. So, companies are now dealing with the issue of double taxation. A tax residence certificate in the United Arab Emirates is used to address this issue and HLB HAMT has a wealth of expertise providing TRC services in the UAE.

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