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Although VAT is used by businesses in the UAE, it is critical for businesses to deal with VAT or other tax concerns and address them by engaging with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Businesses will need to engage tax agents in Dubai, UAE to deal with VAT and other tax concerns.

HLB HAMT is a FTA approved Tax agent that serves as a liaison between the FTA and taxable individuals. HLB HAMT will act as your tax agent and represent your firm in front of the FTA for tax-related issues.

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    FTA Approved & Registered Tax Agent in Dubai

    Businesses can represent themselves before the tax department with the aid of tax agents in Dubai. These registered tax agents verify that companies are adhering to their tax commitments. There are various advantages to transferring your tax-related work to an FTA approved and registered tax agent in Dubai.

    A tax agent can oversee all of a company’s tax matters, allowing the owner and top executive to engage in other critical tasks. The Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on tax protocols establishes the designation of a tax agent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to assist taxable people before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in matters concerning their tax affairs and taxable responsibilities.


    Supports the execution and registration of tax

    Understanding the business transaction processes and the resulting VAT consequences is necessary for VAT implementation. VAT compliance will be significantly easier after the tax agent has properly incorporated the VAT consequences throughout various business operations.


    Save both time and money

    Getting involved in the company’s tax problems takes a lot of time and effort, and the tasks and responsibilities are limitless. Appointing a tax agent will not only save time and money, but it will also provide extra benefits based on his particular knowledge and experience.


    Assists as a long-term consultant

    Throughout several company transactions, a tax professional can serve as a long-term consultant. They can provide you with information on any important changes in government policies as well as tax-related developments.


    Preparation of tax evaluations and representations

    A tax agent in Dubai can be of greater help during tax assessments and tax representations before the Federal tax authorities, as well as assist and simplify all of these requirements for the taxpayer, relieving his load.


    Making Timely and Correct Tax Returns

    Filing returns with the Federal Tax Authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a routine process that must be completed on time and with high precision. A tax advisor will help you plan and file your taxes on time and properly.

    HLB HAMT – FTA Approved Tax Agent in UAE

    It will be our obligation to represent your firm in FTA once we have been designated as your Tax Agent and have provided them with all of the relevant and important documents, information, records, and data.

    The following is a list of the primary tasks that we will undertake to cover all areas of VAT in the UAE:

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