Structuring your Data with RPA and OCR Solutions

Most companies do not have the necessary tools to extract, analyze & understand unstructured data. These data can be in multiple formats spread across hundreds of virtual locations. Our team at HLB HAMT can help convert that unstructured data through the combination of two technologies, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the help of proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to extract patterns, get valuable insights and help your organization get an edge over your competition. Structuring your Data with RPA and OCR Solutions will help you attain more control of your business processes.

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    How RPA + OCR solutions can automate your entire business processes?

    There are still a lot of companies that don’t use digital copies of their documents and still stores all their invoices and important documents in a physical hard copy format which will be heavily unstructured. Using OCR Solutions as a part of RPA solutions will allow you to extract valuable information from unstructured data. OCR solutions can analyze & extract information from all types of images such as PDF, GIF, JPG etc. These days a large number of businesses are using OCR to convert data in the physical files to machine-encoded text. But using just OCR alone will not be enough sometimes. It is the day and age of automation and you need to teach your system how to execute the workflow if and when a particular document comes into the company. Handling variability in the text or layout of a document is a challenge with the OCR alone applications and that is where RPA comes into the picture.

    The RPA and OCR combination!

    RPA and OCR solutions

    RPA as technology is growing leaps and bounds in today’s world. More and more companies are adopting RPA and see it as a major tool in reducing their operational costs and also utilizing their resources in a better and effective manner. What our experts at HLB HAMT have done is combine these two innovative technologies and create a complete automated document processing ecosystem in your company. What we do, we develop BOTS and integrate it into an OCR system to identify the correct documents to be processed and converted into structured data. These structured data can be pushed to any endpoints of your choice be it an ERP, CRM system or can be exported into a simple CSV format. And it is not only unstructured data that this solution can take as an input, sometimes, but it will also be Pre-defined standard formats or Semi-Structured ones that can be processed into meaningful data.

    Use Cases

    At HLB HAMT, we have helped many companies achieve complete automation in their document processing workflows. Each industry or maybe each company will have a set of workflows that they would like to automate. What we do is identify the potential processes that they spend a lot of their manual work hours in. Here are few industries, we feel the Structuring your Data with RPA and OCR Solutions from varied sources and make smart educated extractions, conversions and integrations

    • Banking: Mortgage applications, generating payslips and processing loan applications
    • Finance & Accounting: Invoice/PO Request and Processing, Customer background checks for processing insurance/credit card applications, capturing data for credit reports, KYC checks
    • HR: Resume Sorting, Travel and expenses management, Certificate management
    • Healthcare: Patient integrations, Retrieving health records, Follow-up communications
    • CRM: Manage helpdesk tickets, Automated mailers
    • Marketing: Website scrapping, Offer/newsletter mailers
    • Hospitality: Manage customer bookings, customer rating management

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