Structuring Transfer Pricing Policy and Advisory in UAE

In the ever-changing transfer pricing landscape, implementing an appropriate strategy to regulate transfer pricing possibilities, regulation, and risk has never been more important. The BEPS initiative’s impact on the regulatory system has both possibilities and hazards. HLB HAMT, with its extensive knowledge of transfer pricing specialists, can advise businesses on how to develop, implement, and monitor transfer pricing policies.

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    Transfer Pricing Policy Structuring

    Transfer pricing and the principle of internal agreed-upon arm’s length have become more popular in the Middle East. The corporate tax in UAE, together with the appropriate transfer pricing plan and documentation, will be essential when communicating with the federal tax authorities.

    • Enabling businesses to alter current policies to suit local legislation, and corporate functions and determining how new tax policies may affect their total tax condition.
    • Helping businesses analyze and report transfer pricing and create tools and methodologies to keep track of the outcomes.
    • Assist businesses in developing and implementing TP policies that are both commercially viable and cost-effective.

    It is vital for businesses to have the necessary resources and specialists on their behalf in the future. A TP policy that is structured and clearly stated will act as a comprehensive strategy for daily activities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is meant by transfer pricing?

      Transfer pricing, which can involve the transfer of tangible products, services, as well as financial transactions, is the process of determining the prices paid between related firms in cross-border transactions.

    2. What principle applies?

      The “arms-length” principle is the basis of transfer pricing regulations in the majority of nations.

    3. Who is covered by the transfer pricing regulations?

      MNEs having regulated transactions among affiliated firms in several tax countries are affected by the transfer pricing requirements.

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