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One of the most critical choices an entrepreneur will ever make is whether or not to sell their business. Further, if selling the business either fully or partially, the best timing and type of transactions also need to be determined. Selling a firm is a difficult operation that needs an overall picture of the appropriate purchasers, financial status, and competent leadership. Numerous decisions must be taken before and during the sale process, all of which can affect the value you acquire for your business.

Why Choose HLB HAMT for Sell-side Advisory services?

HLB HAMT offers a comprehensive set of sell-side advisory services. Our expert business advisors have worked with a variety of major corporations, several family businesses, and entrepreneurs. Our services are delivered using a proven methodology that is tailored to our clients’ needs.

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    Sell-Side Advisory Process

    To guarantee you obtain the best value for your business transactions, we undertake a detailed, result-oriented methodology.

    Buyer Identification: From our database and network, we can identify, screen and establish contacts with potential buyers.

    Business Model Analysis: We analyze your business model, identify priorities for potential buyers/investors and help prepare suitable business plans.

    Historical Financial Analysis: Based on historical financial analysis, we help in analyzing financial ratios and trends to highlight metrics of interest to buyers.

    Financial Modelling: Using spreadsheets and data visualisation tools, we create financial models to make realistic yet attractive financial projections that can pass any due diligence from buyers.

    Value Enhancement: We help enhance enterprise value by identifying value drivers for sellers such as economies of scale, market access, technology access, value chain integration opportunities etc.

    Negotiations: Participation in negotiations and meetings at multiple stages of the transaction cycle.

    Benefits of Sell-Side Advisory services in Creation of Value

    • Enhance trustworthiness

      A comprehensive sell-side advisory assistance demonstrates the seller’s professionalism, clearly defines the proposition, facilitates quick replies to purchaser concerns, and gives legitimacy to the whole business transaction, which in turn increases the trustworthiness to the seller.

    • Boost shareholder returns

      Assist in identifying firms that are better suited for expansion and focusing attention on selling or shutting down operations in less efficient and attractive areas

    • Concentrate on core activities

      The top leadership can place emphasis on core business operations by reducing purchaser business due diligence to a comprehensive, seller-controlled procedure.

    • Improve the deal’s worth

      Sellers should structure the transaction in a way that all bidders have access to the data they need to agree and compare it with the available offers.

    • Saving of time and expenses

      Recognizing and reducing expenses involved in the business and better utilization of time by lowering the deal closing time

    • Optimize Deal Value

      Ensuring the best negotiation, in line with comparable transactions and market trends. Further, we can look for possible tax risks, structural possibilities, and modifications to agreements that optimize value for the sellers.

    Bottom Line

    Selling a business can be difficult and time-consuming. There are several challenging measures to take up before the selling process kicks in. It’s critical to undertake proper value planning in order to accurately position your firm in the market and receive an ideal valuation, and working with a professional sell side business adviser who can help you prepare for a stress-free transaction will be an excellent option.


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