SAP B1 : A perfect ERP tool for SMEs in UAE

SAP is one of the largest enterprise business solution providers on this planet and it’s a myth that they only provide solutions for larger companies. We at HLB HAMT has been associated with SAP for a long time, providing solutions for Small & Medium businesses and helping them manage and scale their business more effectively and efficiently. Being an SAP B1 solutions provider in the UAE, we help our clients manage their cash flow and integrate their various departmental data like purchasing, inventory, financials, HR, sales, production, etc. under one single roof

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    There are a lot of specific factors and challenges that become constant headaches for SMEs, these issues may range from cash flow management to being compliant with international and local regulations to a simple hiring process. Without a proper solution aid, these issues can snowball into really challenging situations and can make you lose your sleep.

    Being associated with the enterprise business solution industry for a long period of time and with the experience of working with many small and medium businesses across industries, we have understood the exact operational challenges catering to even the tiniest detail. We know the SMEs have the same operational challenges as say a big organization. The need for them is one integrated tool that can handle all their challenges and can operate among distributed teams across any geographical boundaries.

    Fitting to everyone’s purse

    As I mentioned earlier, the one thing that pulls back SMEs from approaching SAP-based solutions is the thought that it would be highly expensive. Well, that is a misconception, SAP B1 is actually a highly affordable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can solve a lot of your business-related issues by connecting your entire operations through one integrated solution. It is a cost-effective solution that connects all key processes in your business, and subsequently speeds up the transactions and process flow leading to more productivity and shorter delivery tenures.

    Reveal what you want

    The highly customizable access management to the solution can make the administrators decide which all users have access to sensitive information. For e.g. your marketing department user need not know what is happening in the production or operations department. Each user can be assigned specific authorization depending on their work profile

    Keeping up with the Future

    As a solution, SAP B1 is highly flexible, and we can customize it for your exact needs and wants. For e.g. some departments may need additional custom reports, some may need to remove certain features or to be added later as they increase their workforce size. In short, you don’t need to worry about whether the solution will flex according to your business growth and development. Moreover, the latest predictive analytical features in the  SAP HANA version would help you to plan your future better too.

    Freedom in Deployment

    Usually, we give our clients the flexibility to deploy the SAP B1 solutions either on their own servers or in a shared server or in a private cold with a dedicated server. Companies will have the freedom to select their best possible deployment end-point and SAP B1’s multi-tenant adaptability ensures you get the best performance anywhere.

    Connecting the Platforms

    SAP B1 offers a lot of integration tools, which can be selected based on your requirement and need. For e.g., if you are using Office 365 solutions, you can integrate Microsoft Outlook and enable users to share data between SAP B1 and MS Outlook. Such a simple hack can help you respond proactively to your customer’s queries. Besides this, there are a lot of e-commerce platforms as well where you can connect and improve your workflow.

    Never miss a report

    SAP B1 has a powerful reporting functionality where you can cover all your business aspects in one sheet. We have done numerous crystal reports in SAP B1 that can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your department-wise performance in graphical reporting format. Some of the reports such as VAT reports, ageing reports, cash flow reports, etc can be customized based on how you want.

    SAP B1 has been providing regular updates and releases to support SME clients, unlike many software which stop their updates, SAP always comes up with innovative features and upgrades that can help your business scale to new heights.

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