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Sage X3, with its massive features and adaptability, is the enterprise resource planning solution your company requires to stand out from the crowd. Sage X3 is robust yet simple to use, with complete capability, out-of-the-box straightforward implementation, and a user-friendly experience. HLB HAMT has been a Sage ERP-CRM company software vendor in Abu Dhabi for over a decade and has evolved into an expertise powerhouse. It now offers you its X3 consulting services, which are a real combination of a “targeted approach and excellent performance.”

We have created a name for ourselves in the realm of Sage X3 consulting, having overseen multiple successful implementations. Our Sage X3 team is made up of SAGE X3 certified consultants. As part of our offers, we provide you with the unique option of hiring our team to support you completely or as part of your X3 implementation

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    Sage X3 Consultants Expertise

    Analysis of Requirements: HLB HAMT knows your company’s demands in-depth. We are able to design the finest possible business solution for each client by utilizing the highly flexible and extremely powerful Sage X3 solution.

    Meeting the Needs of Various Industries: With Sage X3 becoming an increasingly popular ERP system for mid-sized businesses, HLB HAMT gives you the leverage to participate, regardless of industry. We support clients in a variety of industries, including chemicals, food and beverage, mining, hard products, life sciences, and wholesale.

    Consultation on Technical and Functional Issues: HLB HAMT offers a staff of highly certified technical and functional consultants that are completely prepared to teach and support users with implementation.

    Add-On Development and Service Rendering: HLB HAMT excels at Sage X3 support for multinational economies, regions, and business segments. We have always been a solid foundation of support when it comes to helping customers, giving solutions and workarounds, or even holding the hands of business users when they do a parallel run or UAT (User acceptance testing).

    Grow your business with Sage X3 Business Cloud Accounting

    With Sage Business Cloud X3, you can take charge of every aspect of your company, from sales to the supply chain.

    Module of Production

    Sage X3 can handle process or continuous manufacturing planning, scheduling, and production control. This module works in combination with Sales CRM, Purchasing Inventory, and Finance Components. It is adaptable to several manufacturing modes, including:

    • Module for sales and purchase: It assists in the purchasing and inventory control components of your sales CRM. It has capabilities that help with quality control, batch control, tracking expiry, and flexible packing units.
    • Module for Inventory: Inventory management is a component of distribution software that supports your company’s sales, purchasing, and inventory control operations, which include inventory management features. The Sage X3 Inventory Control Module includes the following features: acquisition price tracking, inventory control, multi-stage warehousing and site management, movements, and transactions.
    • CRM Software Module: The CRM module, which is fully connected with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance, and manufacturing, allows you to gain a complete view of a client within a single system and database from both marketing and administrative perspectives.
    • The module of Finance: The program offers comprehensive financial personal cost and budget accounting commitments, as well as fixed asset management. It can manage information and reporting throughout the country as well as between subsidiaries and parent corporations. It combines decentralized and global corporate management. It manages several currencies and incorporates multiple laws, accounting norms, and standards.

    Features of Sage X3

    Finance management: With real-time visibility and precision, you can control your bottom line. Sage X3’s excellent financial features include the following:

    • General ledger with several accounts’ charts.
    • Accounts payable and receivable are two types of accounts.
    • Fixed asset lifecycle management with capital expenditure tracking.
    • Analytics, warnings, and notifications in real-time.

    Manage Your Vendors: Real-time inventory status monitoring ensures maximum efficiency. Capabilities in supply chain management include:

    • Management of suppliers and product categories.
    • Planning, ordering, and requests for purchases.
    • product information and numerous measurement units.
    • Quality assurance and sampling.

    Organize Your Workflow: With one system, you can keep up with demand and easily manage all of your production operations. The following are some of the production management features:

    • Bills of Materials with multiple bills of materials and current bills of materials.
    • Controlling the shop floor, which comprises the workforce, entry, and duties.
    • Management of batch and sub-batch numbers.
    • Procedures for quality control in conjunction with analytical requests.

    Benefits of Sage x3 in Abu dhabi

    Sage X3 (previously Sage Enterprise Management) can assist you in improving your company’s processes. We may help you optimize your financial, distribution, or manufacturing operations; support a new or expanding activity; increase company management and decision-making, or simply save operational expenses.

    • Modernized your business: Sage X3 unifies all of your data and business operations into a single database system. All users have access to the same reference system and application interface, reducing the learning curve. Information is propagated in real-time throughout your firm after it is submitted into the system.
    • Improve business perception: With integrated, real-time business information, you can get in-depth insights on demand and make smarter choices faster. Get the most out of your company data while putting in the least amount of work. Users may now export and manipulate data in the Office standard format thanks to improved connectivity with Microsoft Office.
    • Workflow: Sage X3’s comprehensive but user-friendly parameterization allows you to define any business event or condition to trigger workflow messaging. The powerful workflow engine is already built into the program, allowing you to guide information exchanges both inside and outside your firm depending on your company’s unique e-practices and processes.
    • Improve collaboration: The best-in-class communicative architecture of Sage X3 puts you in command. Choose how you’ll communicate with partners, clients, suppliers, remote workers, and sites that aren’t on your premises. It offers the greatest degree of security, ensuring that your data is kept safe and secure.
    • Grow your business: Sage X3 is a scalable and adaptable ERP system that responds quickly to change. All the functionalities are built into the system; just turn them on when you need them. Regardless of the platform, you pick now (Windows, Unix, or Linux), you can change your mind later.
    • Lower expenditure: Sage X3 is a full-service application software solution designed to help you manage even the most complex business operations. With fully integrated, adaptable applications, you can save on operating and maintenance expenses. Sage X3’s strong, user-friendly architecture assures consistent, dependable day-to-day operations.
    • Technology: Sage X3 is a full-service application software solution for managing even the most complicated corporate activities. You may save on operating and maintenance costs by using fully integrated, adaptive apps. The sturdy, user-friendly design of the Sage X3 ensures reliable, consistent day-to-day operations.

    Services Provided to Industries

    Food & beverage

    • Operations
    • Supply chain
    • Inventory and warehouse
    • Accounting and finance
    • Marketing and sales
    • Customer care

    Manufacturing processes

    • Food and beverage
    • Chemicals
    • Cosmetics
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Pharmaceuticals


    • Retail trade
    • Transportation and logistics
    • Discrete manufacturing
    • Wholesale trade


    • Supply optimization
    • Complete global compliance
    • Product and process consistency


    • Advertising
    • Consulting services
    • Engineering services
    • Equipment rental
    • IT and software services
    • Maintenance and repair services

    Why HLB HAMT for Sage X3?

    HLB HAMT Our Sage X3 Consult Services in Abu Dhabi can assist you in achieving success by assisting you in implementing or maintaining a Sage X3 solution in your company. For more assistance contact our Experts Today!

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