RPA for Logistics in UAE

A Successful RPA Journey Starts with Selecting The Right Implementation Partner In the UAE

The logistics sector is going to be one of the most technologically advanced industries in the UAE. At HLB HAMT, we help the Logistic Sector digitally transform itself by automating its shipment handling and administrative processes. These days, a lot of emphases must be given to customer satisfaction, and it is extremely important to provide the best quality service for your customers. RPA cannot afford any errors or leakages happening with the Entire E-commerce. Our developers can design the best possible BOTS to ensure that your focus will be solely on Transportation.

We also provide RPA solutions in UAE for automating the Back-office operations in the shipping and logistics industry that are performed manually, such as updating customer information on portals with the current status and estimated delivery date, scheduling a delivery, or tracking

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    Edge Robotic Process Automation can automate such mundane tasks and work around the clock, increasing operational efficiency, and productivity, and lowering costs. The task will be less tedious and will meet SLAs and improve customer expectations by automating the core business processes. Can be automated in a streamlined manner. In this way, your customers can be treated with more value-based care and at the same time, your internal audits along with sharing of data with third parties can be managed effectively. Another area where BOTS can assist is in the automation of reports such as ROI, KPIs, and so on from various departments.

    Use cases for RPA in Logistics

    rpa for logistics in uae

    The impact of RPA on the logistics industry

    Scheduling and tracking of shipments

    Automate manual shipping tasks between internal systems and portals, from the initial pick-up request to checking and reporting shipment status. With robots, you can extract shipment details from incoming emails, log jobs in your scheduling systems, and provide pick-up times in customer or carrier portals.

    Credit Collections and Invoice Processing

    Receiving payment after the job is completed is one of the most difficult challenges for businesses. Regular follow-ups and multiple systems in the process can slow things down. RPA can integrate multiple systems to make the process more efficient. RPA can integrate with freight bill payment systems to automate the entire order-to-cash process.

    Capturing, Investigating, and Closing Loads

    Third-party carriers and suppliers, without a doubt, provide an opportunity to expand your business. However, it also means more manual tracking from multiple systems. A common example is the use of couriers or van fleets for less-than-load (LTL) shipments.

    Using RPA, the software robot can automatically scan and capture carrier website data such as PRO numbers, track and trace information, and invoice amounts, streamlining the capturing, researching, and closing of loads.

    Order Processing and Payment Automation

    Order processing consists of manually entering customer information into a company’s database, processing payment, sending an email confirmation, and placing an order.

    Automation of Email Communication

    Email communication allows for effective communication between the customer and the service provider. To maintain the customer experience, an auto-emailer and notifications can be sent through the system when the order is processed, shipped, or delayed.

    Procurement and Inventory Automation

    Manufacturers and suppliers must monitor and maintain inventory to ensure that they have enough material to meet customer demands. Real-time reports are required to optimize inventory needs.

    Integrating Systems with Customer Portals to Accelerate Invoicing

    Rekeying, cutting and pasting, and manually attaching data to invoices are all eliminated. Extract shipping data automatically, attach scanned PODs and invoices, and update customer portals in seconds rather than days.

    Improve Customer Response by Using Automated Order/Inventory Tracking

    Use software robots to query carrier tracking systems or websites on a regular basis and retrieve proof of delivery information. Connect the data to the original order record in your warehouse management system to improve tracking and respond to customer inquiries faster.

    Why wait? Select the best RPA partner available today in UAE, we will help automate your various workflows. Call our experts at HLB HAMT for more on how RPA can help Logistics and shipping reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

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