Post Transaction Support in UAE

You make an acquisition deal that provides a great prospect after considering numerous aspects. However, you are aware that it will not be an easy journey.

It’s possible that the two business cultures will not fit as well as you would want. A slew of issues in the objective will necessitate immediate and major adjustments.

In the present time, there is mounting impact than ever before to immediately show the financial and operational benefits of your mergers and acquisition transactions in a world of increased market fluctuations, demanding regulation, and transaction complications. Businesses are looking for a significant edge via transactions, yet many of them fall short of expectations.

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    How HLB HAMT assists our clients

    Even after a transaction is officially completed and documents are signed off, there is usually still a lot of groundwork to be done before the final tranche of settlements are completed. This involves multiple operational tasks that must be done by the operating and accounting teams of both entities. Our auditors will work with your teams and ensure that these tasks are done properly to achieve a seamless transition.

    Reconciliation of Assets

    Our asset governance team specializes in the verification of fixed assets and inventory, while our auditors can work on financial assets. Final transaction payments are mostly only completed after the reconciliation, and our team can assist in completing asset verification and reconciliation smoothly.

    Reconciliation of Liabilities

    Major liabilities are usually highlighted during a Due Diligence. However, the final reconciliation and adjustments related to outstanding liabilities can become a tedious task. Our team can take charge of this, thereby keeping your internal teams free to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

    Employee Settlements

    If there are instances where a significant number of employees leave or are made redundant due to the transaction, there could be a sizeable work needed in completing employee settlements. Our team can support in executing these efficiently and without any compliance risks.

    Statutory Commitments

    Our business incorporation team, using their expertise in the statutory compliance domain, will review the required compliances and coordinate with all parties concerned, including authorities, to ensure that statutory requirements are met.

    Cash, Bank & Deposits

    Our consultants and auditors can assist your team to make sure that cash and bank account deposits are correctly made in line with conditions defined and agreed in the SPA.

    Key Takeaways of Post Transaction Support

    • Rewards from the transaction are realised on time, and volatility is handled
    • Communication to all stakeholders is precise
    • Vital talent retention has improved
    • Minimal business impact and quick recovery
    • Allows businesses to concentrate on improving efficiency and exploring new business prospects


    Mergers and acquisitions will continue to be a fundamental driver of development, irrespective of the motivations for doing so. But, in the current day, the hurdles of properly completing a deal have increased dramatically. The completion of a merger or acquisition is not the final phase. Following your acquire of a business, one must incorporate it into your operational processes and business environment, which might be difficult.

    Our post-transaction support team at HLB HAMT will walk you through the transaction process from beginning to end, with a comprehensive understanding of your business and sector.

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