Online Exit Interview

The significance of exit interviews is not limited to assessing the experience of an employee at the workplace. It actually provides insights about the workplace culture, processes, employee morale, etc, which in turn gives the entity an opportunity to improve retention and engagement.

HLB HAMT enables: 

  • Customizable questionnaires
  • Guaranteed objectivity
  • Results available in real-time on our secure website
  • Customizable information access to ensure that only authorized individuals can read the outgoing employee’s comments
  • Flexible process
  • Gaining deeper insight from departing employees, as they tend to be more open with their feedback when speaking with a non-partisan, third party HR professional
  • Understanding the drivers of turnover, allowing you to focus on retention efforts
  • Identifying problem areas before they have a further impact on the company’s success

The interview will be conducted online or via telephone by our experienced HR professionals. We also provide customization on the data collected as per your needs and will be delivered to you after completing the interview with recommendations from our findings. The target specified questions will be a combination of open-ended questions, ranking system, multiple-choice, or any format specified by the client.

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