Maternity Leave in UAE

The UAE is working to empower women in the private sector and improve worker effectiveness and talent retention. Men and women have equal rights in the UAE, both in their personal and professional lives. Female employees in the UAE have the chance to manage their family and profession without having to make any sacrifices thanks to the paid maternity leave system.

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    Working women who are expecting a child or who have just given birth are eligible for maternity leave. This time off from work benefits mothers’ physical and emotional health as well as the bonding process between mother and child. Here is all the information you want on the maternity leaves in the UAE if you are a pregnant woman who will give birth soon.

    What is meant by maternity leave?

    A woman who is expecting a child or just gave birth is entitled to maternity leave, which she can use to take time off work, recover from labour and delivery, and strengthen her relationship with her infant child.

    Pregnant women are permitted to work in the private sector in accordance with the New UAE Labor Law:

    A 60-day maternity leave in UAE, segmented into:

    • 45-day full paid
    • 15-day half paid
      • In the event that the mother or child is unwell, an additional 45 days of unpaid leave are permitted, granted that accompanying documentation is produced as proof.
      • An additional 30-day paid leave is available to moms of infants with impairments. Another 30 days may be added to this without being paid.

    The extra leaves will fall under the classification of unpaid leave. These leave days may be used all at once or intermittently, but a medical certificate from the proper medical authorities is required in order to take advantage of this.

    After her maternity leave is over, the female employee is allowed to take one or two more breaks (each of which must not last longer than 60 minutes) every day to nurse her child.

    In the United Arab Emirates, maternity leave is becoming more widely recognized as a beneficial policy that supports family-friendly workplaces and acknowledges the importance of family bonding in today’s corporate world. Parenthood is a wonderful experience that improves crucial abilities like prioritizing and compassion that are crucial in a business setting. Read more:- Maternity Leave in UAE

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    Frequently Asked Questions | Maternity Leave in UAE

    1. How many days of maternity leave may a woman take in the United Arab Emirates?

      A female employee in the UAE is entitled to take maternity leave for 60 days, from which 45 days are paid in full and the remaining 15 days are paid in half.

    2. When is an extension of maternity leave allowed for female employees?

      If a female employee becomes ill due to pregnancy or childbirth, she may take an extra 45 days of unpaid leave. The female employee could take 30 more days (fully paid) off if the infant is ill or has a disability.  Another 30-day extension of this leave is possible, but this time without payment.

    3. Does a female employee qualify for additional breaks after delivery?

      A female employee is qualified for two additional breaks that do not exceed an hour each day for nursing her young baby for the first six months after giving birth and returning to work. These breaks are not considered regular but are part of her working hours.

    4. Is it legal for an employer to terminate a maternity leave employee?

      No, it is not acceptable to terminate a female employee’s employment or inform her of such due to her pregnancy, maternity leave, or absence from work as per the provisions of the maternity leave article.

    5. Is the time taken as unpaid maternity leave taken into account when determining the length of service?

      Yes, while calculating service time and gratuities, the time taken as unpaid maternity leave is taken into account.

    6. Can maternity leave be combined with sick leave?

      Any pregnancy-related ailment is covered by the legal time limit as soon as a medical certificate is presented.

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